About Us

Hello, welcome to homes throne resource for a shower, toilet, home improvement, and safety-related buying guide. I write a buying guide for different types of appliances like water filters, toilets, toilet seats, shower panels, showerheads, and others. The website was started by John Lee who has very interesting in home improvement products. He is a tester, researcher, and easily meets with users.

My Process

On this website, I provide in-depth buying guides for various home improvement related products and very informative articles. Not only the articles help you a lot but also help you to find out the right products, updated information, when you need to use and lots.

My Testing Methods

Provides the right information and product information is not an easy job. I spend countless month, hours, and date to test the product and collect the information. I have a team and we reach the users talk with them and find out ultimate information with pros and cons.

Privacy & Policy

Privacy and policy are applicable to the use of homesthrone.com. I always provide a high value for your privacy. I make this policy easily read out and available for any kind of user. Privacy and policy help you to understand this website.

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