What is the Difference Between Single and Dual Flush Toilets [5 Differences]

what is the difference between single and dual flush toiletsIf you want to install a new toilet and don’t understand the difference between single and dual flush toilets? Surely this reviewable to reduce your confusion and provides you a crystal and clear difference between the product.

You may know that flush is a very important element for each of the toilet owners. It saves water and provides perfect flush maintenance with hygiene. Besides, the flush keeps the toilet clean and resistant to bad smells from your bathroom.

But you need to know some basic information which helps you to compare. What next? It would help if you kept reading the content below to compare the flush system easily. So, without delay, let’s get started with the content with the most updated data.

What is the Difference Between Single and Dual Flush Toilets? Main difference

If you want to clear yourself about the flushing system, surely you need to compare the below features. I don’t make it much complicated and kill your time. I difference with major features so that you can save your time and easily difference from both. So, let’s break down the features below.

1.  System of Flushing

When I talk about the flushing system, I always recommend a single flush system. A dual flush system is complicated for some people (elder, kids) when they go to flush with forcefully. It is really painful for each of the people, which I mention.

So, if they use a single flush system, it is flexible and comfortable for them. When you consider the flushing system section, you need to confirm a single flush system toilet. It is not an unnecessary section which you should avoid.

2. Use of Water

The single flush system comes with at least a 12-liter water capacity per flush, larger than the dual flush system. On the other hand, single flushable to water consumption means it takes less water for doing your work.

Singe VS Dual toiletsOn the other hand, a dual flush system comes with a 3 to 5-liter water capacity. According to my experience, a dual flush technology does not save much water like a single flush system. So, if you want to save water, surely you need to consider a single flush system.

3. Easy to Clean & Maintain

It can not say exactly which toilet is easy to clean. The clean and maintain system depends on the toilet bowl, construction, design, seat, and some other things. When you think about a  toilet, of course, you need to check out an easy clean and maintain the system.

Yes, a single flush system is easy to clean and inexpensive to maintain. On the other hand, the dual flush toilet comes with some hassle when you clean the product even you may need to consider some extra tools for cleaning and maintaining the product.

4. Cost

You may already know that a single flush toilet is less expensive than a dual flush toilet. You need more money when you maintain and clean the dual flush toilet, which is very costly. On the other hand, a single toilet flush allows you to save money and no need to purchase any extra tools.

If you think that you need a toilet flush system that comes with all of the quality features and provides excellent flush with a low budget, you can surely go for a single flush system toilet without thinking more.

5. Eco-friendly

When I research the product eco-friendly system, I found a single flush toilet is awesome. You can easily save around 25000-liter water in a  year when you install a single flush system. Single flush toilets never waste your water.

So, if you are looking for an eco-friendly flush toilet, surely you can go for a single flush toilet system. So, what do you want else from this review? I hope that the 5 sections help you a lot to resistant your confusion.

What are user says (Dual VS Single Flush Toilet)

I already explain all of the things according to user experience as well as my experience. Around 70% of users used a single flush toilet system, which is truly well enough for them. Lee, one of the single flush toilet users, told me that a  single flush toilet is easy to maintain and provides excellent service.

The dual flush toilet also well enough for maximum comfort and durability. It also saves water but less than a single flush toilet. Overall, users like a single flush toilet than a dual flush toilet.


I hope that the confusion about the difference between single and dual flush toilets is clear. All of the information is updated and actionable. After reading this content attentively, I think it is helpful for you to make the right decision.

However, if you are still confused, you can let me know in the below comment box so that I can solve your issues as soon as possible.

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