10 Best Toilet Seat Wood or Plastic in 2022 [Reviews & Ultimate Guides]

best toilet seat wood or plasticIf you want to purchase a new toilet seat but still confused about which is the best toilet seat wood or plastic better for you, surely you are coming to the right place. Different people have different choices. A wood toilet seat is better with its own features. On the other hand, the plastic toilet seats are the most popular, of course, for good reasons.

Here I only discuss both wood and plastic toilets to compare the seat and choose the right one easily. I am also providing you with a buying guide section. I think after reading this informative content, you can decide which is best for you.

So, let’s break the list below and look at the wood vs. plastic toilet seat and also check out the pros and cons of wooden toilet seats plus plastic toilet seat.

10 Best Toilet Seat Wood or Plastic


KOHLER K-4636-0 Plastic Toilet Seat

KOHLER K-4636-0
  • Quiet close lid
  • Made with plastic
  • Affordable price
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TOTO SS154#01 Toilet Seat

TOTO SS154#01
  • Soft-close action
  • Easy to installation
  • Resistant to chemicals
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Brondell L60-EB Toilet Seat

Brondell L60-EB
  • Three operating temperature
  • Used LED blue light
  • Standard GFI outlet
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KOHLER K-4636-NY Toilet Seat

  • Quiet-close functionality
  • Used  solid polypropylene
  • PDF user manual
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Hibbent Premium One Click Round Toilet Seat

Hibbent Premium
  • Easy to clean
  • Button facility
  • Very affordable price
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Bemis 30CHSLB 047 Wood Toilet Seats

Bemis 30CHSLB 047
  • Made with solid wood
  • No slamming
  • Suitable for round toilets
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Angel Shield Wood Veneer Toilet Seat

  • Easy to installation
  • Used durable wood
  • Long-time supported
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Design House 561241 Wood Toilet Seat

Design House 561241
  • Used sturdy oak wood
  • 1-year warranty
  • Need and clean
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Angel Shield Wood Veneer Natural Toilet Seat

Angel Shield Wood
  • Both round and elongate shape
  • Easy to installation
  • Fits with all fixtures
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Comfort Seats C2B1R16BR C1B1R16BR Toilet Seat

Comfort Seats
  • Maximum comfort
  • Used durable hardwood
  • Piano finish
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1. KOHLER K-4636-0 Plastic Toilet Seat (Used Best Toilet Seat Material)

KOHLER K-4636-0 Plastic Toilet Seat

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This is my first plastic toilet seat, which comes from Kohler. Kohler is a popular name of the toilet seat industry. Whatever this item is made with high-quality plastic and solid hardware that makes this component durable.

The solid construction of this unit made it comfortable and suitable for a weighty person. On the other hand, this component is quite close lid closes slowly and quickly without any slamming. Most of the people worried about the noise of the product, which you can find here 0.

Kohler K-4636-0 comes with elongate shape, and it is easy to install all most of the toilets such as American Standard, Kohler, TOTO, Woodbridge, and other brands. Besides, you need not any plumber or tools for installing this unit.

Next, it has quick-release hinges allow the seat to be unlatched from the toilet for easy removal and cleaning. The device also saves you from germs, allergies, bacteria, particles, and other harmful elements which is sucking for your health condition.

Note, it comes with a very affordable price below $30 and the best features for maximum comfort and long-time support.

  • Made with high-quality plastics and hardware
  • Very affordable price
  • No need extra tools for installation
  • Easy to set all most all of toilet
  • Prevent harmful element
  • The weight limited is not mentioned

2. TOTO SS154#01 Toilet Seat (Most Comfortable Toilet Seat)

TOTO SS154#01 Toilet Seat 

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Let’s welcome my second plastic toilet seat. TOTO SS154#01 is also a popular brand which satisfied their user for a long-time. It also satisfied me with its best service. However, I found from this unit soft close auction, which reduces my family members’ injury, especially elders and kids.

However, this unit is built-in comfortable ergonomic design and molded bumpers and mounting hardware, which supports your long-time use with maximum comfort than another toilet seat. It is suitable for kids, adults, elders, and women.

This component’s measurement is length 18.5″, width 14″, and height 2.625,” which is the perfect size for a tall person. I found it very interesting when I clean this unit because it easily clean without much struggle.

It looks awesome cotton white finish that increases my traditional toilet beauty. I never need a plumber for installing this unit. You just need to follow the user manual, and you can easily install the product without any hassles.

Note, TOTO offers you a long-time warranty (1-year limited warranty) and technical support, so you can comfortably use the toilet seat without fear.

  • Most updated and comfortable toilet seat
  • Lightweight, slowly close and avoid injury
  • Suitable for any sizes of people
  • Built-in ergonomic and comfortable design
  • The user manual is crystal and clear
  • None

3. Brondell L60-EB Toilet Seat (Come with Best Toilet Seat Hinges)

Brondell L60-EB Toilet Seat 

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Brondell L60-EB is one of my favorite toilet seats because of its temperature controls, heat, and normal user experience. Here plastic toilet is better than a wood toilet because a wooden toilet does not allow you a perfect heated system.

Whatever this plastic toilet comes with three operating temperature control systems; you can get your own temperature. Illuminating LED nightlight blue color that helps you to use this toilet seat at night or dark time.

Fits with all of the standard toilet fixtures. Especially it is comfortably fit with Kohler, American Standard, TOTO, and other brands. The installation process complete within 5-minutes without needing extra accessories.

Unlike a normal toilet seat, this component allows the tall, weighty, kids, and adults person maximum comfort. So, if you want to install a plastic toilet seat, surely you will choose this component for your modern toilet seat.

A standard GFI outlet powers it. But it is an expensive model for my list. So, if you think money is not making any issue to you, I must recommend this component because of the excellent features and service.

  • Used advance technology for best-operating modes
  • Comes with three temperature settings option
  • Powered by a standard GFI outlet
  • Suitable to use at night or dark place
  • It is a gentle closing seat
  • A little bit expensive model

4. KOHLER K-4636-NY Toilet Seat (Best Toilet Seat That Won’t Stain)

KOHLER K-4636-NY Toilet Seat 

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Let’s jump another Kohler K-4636-NY toilet seat, which comes with strong features. However, it has quiet-close functionality that eliminates slamming and increases safety and hygiene. The seat provides maximum comfort for any age of people.

This unit made with solid polypropene, and the seat never stains, fading, chipping, and peeling so that you can safely use this component. On the other hand, the grip-tight bumpers hold the seat firmly in the right place.

It is designed with an elongated shape, so you need to install this component with the elongated bowl. The technical detail, you will get a PDF file that provides you with all of the information so that you can easily install the product without paying an extra cost.

Moreover, this component’s dimension is 14.81 x 2.81 x 21.13 inches, which is enough for comfort. Overall, you will get everything from this unit and use the model long-time without any repair.

Note, the manufacturer offers you a 1-year limited warranty and technical support. So, if your budget below $100, surely I recommend this component for your modern home or apartment.

  • Have a quiet-close functionality system
  • Prevent harmful element from the toilet
  • This toilet seat never stain
  • Included a PDF file for user manuals
  • It is safe and hygiene for all ages of people
  • Some users found rim crack

5. Hibbent Premium One-Click (Most Comfortable Toilet Seat Shape)

Hibbent Premium One Click Round Toilet Sea 

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Are you worried about cleaning your toilet deeply? Certainly, you will consider this Hibbent premium one-click toilet seat. It is a round toilet seat and comes with amazing features that provide excellent service for a long time.

Click the button beside to take off the toilet seat and cover for cleaning. For cleaning the toilet seat, you need to require extra tools. On the other hand, this unit is made with strong plastic materials that support your long-time use.

This toilet seat does not stain and keep you safe from germs, allergies, particles, and other things. It is able to support you up to 400-pounds weight, which is enough for a normal and weighty person.

Whatever the equipment easy to operate, and it closes slowly so that you can not fall any injury. Overall, you can use it with any standard toilet, such as Kohler, TOTO, and American standard. But don’t forget it is a round shape product.

It looks very simple but powerful. After installing, you can forget about the toilet seat. However, you will also try this component.

  • Comes with an easy and hassle-free cleaning system
  • The toilet seat is not stain
  • Made with solid polythene for durability
  • Supports up to 400-pounds for weighty person
  • Easy to install with standard toilet

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6. Bemis 30CHSLB 047  Wood (Padded Toilet Seat)

Bemis 30CHSLB 047 Toilet Seats 

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Let’s welcome my first wooden toilet seat, which comes from Bemis. This wooden toilet seat closes slowly and quietly with a tap to eliminate pinched fingers. For this reason, this toilet seat reduces the injury of your family members.

It never comes loose because it comes with the STA-TITE fastening system. Whatever the equipment made with molded wood and whisper close hinge allows the lid to choose this unit’s slow. The materials of this unit provide you with long-time service.

However, it is easy to install, and you never require manpower or tools so you can save your installation cost. This unit is fitted with all standard toilet fixtures such as Kohler, American Standard, and other popular brands.

A wooden toilet seat is more hygienic and more comfortable than a plastic toilet seat. You will discover all of the quality features of this wood toilet seat. But according to my experience, a wooden toilet seat is not easy to clean.

Note, Bemis 30CHSLB 047 offers a round shape installation process, and the dimension of this unit is 16.89 x 14.36 x 2.42 inches. If you are a lover of a wooden toilet seat, surely you can choose this toilet seat.

  • Made with solid molded wood
  • The used STA-TITE fastening system
  • Easy to install and not require any extra tools
  • Very comfortable and hygiene
  • Comes with variable color
  • Some users found it durability issue

7. Angel Shield Wood Veneer Toilet Seat (Open Front Padded Toilet Seat)

Angel Shield Wood Veneer Toilet Seat 

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Angel always provides awesome wooden toilet seats for its users. This toilet seat also comes from Angel. However, you will get both elongated and round shape whatever you want from this manufacturer.

Quickly and easily remove for cleaning or replacement. This toilet is easy to clean and has not any slamming system. This wood toilet seat provides maximum comfort because of its awesome finish and solid construction.

This toilet seat is also fitted with Delta, Bemis, American standard, and all American toilets without any hassles. You just need to confirm your toilet shape and dimension. Overall, this component is a stain-resistant product, so you need not worry about the stain.

But the wood toilet seat comes with a slip condition, which is a really bad thing for any kind of user. Especially, the low-weight people fall a great problem. Despite this issue, Angel offers you an awesome user-experience with this unit.

Finally, it comes with affordable prices so you can easily afford it. This unit’s customer service is also well enough, so you need not worry about the manufacturer’s warranty and customer service.

  • Comes with affordable price
  • Made with strong wood and hardware
  • Easy to install all of the toilets
  • Have not any slamming system
  • Comes with both round and elongated shape
  • It has slip condition

8. Design House 561241 Wood Toilet Seat (Decorative Padded Toilet Seats)

Design House 561241 Wood Toilet Seat 

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This is a great and durable wooden toilet seat. It is made with stunning honey oak wood with a smooth line and a traditional design. The measurement of this toilet is 16.9-inches by 14.6-inches, which easily fits with any kind of bathroom.

The finish of this component comes with beautiful decor. The installation process is very easy, and you need not any extra tools. First and foremost, you should know your toilet shape and size perfectly.

A standard mount and exposed screws are included for easy installation. This round toilet seat comes with a 1-year limited warranty and technical support. So, you need not worried about the product warranty and support.

Overall, this wood toilet seat prevents mole, mildew, particles, and other harmful elements. So, your family member included kids and disabled people, use it without any hassles. There are lots of benefits you will get from this unit.

Whatever this equipment is easy to clean without manpower. So, without thinking more, you can apply this toilet seat for your toilet.

  • Comes with perfect measurement
  • No need any extra tools for installation
  • Prevent harmful elements from the toilet
  • of course, long-time supported
  • Increase your bathroom decor
  • The screw holes drills are too big

9. Angel Shield Wood Veneer Natural Toilet Seat (Best Wood Toilet Seat)

Angel Shield Wood Veneer Natural Toilet Seat 

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This is another Angel wooden toilet seat that comes with quality features and long-time supported facilities. You can choose from this unit, both round and elongated shapes. So, first, you need to confirm which shape is better for you.

It is quick and easy to clean, so you need not any extra tools for cleaning this component. The angle is made with high-quality wood that won’t stain. So, you need not worry about your toilet seat stain when you are thinking about the wood seat.

Angel easy to install. Most of the standard toilets such as Bemis, Delta, Kohler, American Standard, and TOTO easily fit with this unit. According to users, the product closes slowly and reduce injury.

But they found some issue that this unit is slipped especially for the weighty person. Despite this issue, it is a top-rated and affordable product on the market. I think this information helps you to choose the best one.

  • Comes with both shape
  • No need any extra tools for installing the product
  • Made with high-quality wood and hardware
  • Suitable for both round and elongate shape
  • Comes with very comfortable seat
  • It is a slip condition product

10. Comfort Seats C2B1R16BR C1B1R16BR  Toilet Seat (Cushion Toilet Seats)

Comfort Seats C2B1R16BR C1B1R16BR  Toilet Seat 

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Whatever this is my final selection for you. If you are a lover of comfort and wanted to purchase a toilet seat made with wood, you will surely try this component—this unit is constructed with hardwood for product durability.

It looks an awesome piano finish, which increases your bathroom decor more beautiful. Whatever it is an affordable price product, but comes with quality features. The installation process is very easy, so you need not pay extra money for it.

The stainless steel hinges allow the weighty person to use this component without hassles. On the other hand, it can prevent mole, mildew, particles, germs, allergies, and other harmful elements that are harmful to health.

Overall, this component offers you a long-time warranty and technical support. The customer service is awesome and very fast. So, if you fall into any problems, just call the product holder to solve your problem as soon as possible.

  • Awesome look and finish
  • Provides maximum comfort with durability
  • Made with high-quality hardwood and hardware
  • Hassle-free to operate the unit
  • Easy to install the model without extra tools
  • It is not suitable below 8-years kids

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Buying Guide: Consider before you buy

Well, now you have enough information, both wood, and plastic toilet seats. But I suggest you follow the buying guides so that you can choose the better one for you. I mention here 4 major tips and tricks that help you consider a wood or plastic toilet seat. So, let’s get started.

Step 1: Comfort

Many of us spend a lot of time on the toilet and sitting down. This way, they always want to consider a comfortable toilet seat. Plastic toilet seat supports your warm temperature in winter and cold temperatures in summer, which you can not get from a wooden toilet seat.

On the other hand, a wooden toilet seat feels sturdy feeling and maximum comfortable. So, if you want to choose a perfect temperature toilet seat with maximum comfort, you will try a plastic toilet seat; otherwise, you can go for a wood toilet seat.

Step 2: Durability

If you want to choose a durable toilet seat, surely a wooden toilet seat is a better option for you than a plastic seat. You can choose an oak hardwood toilet seat for durability. On the other hand, the plastic toilet seat is also durable, but they can not take much pressure.

I mean, both are durable, but wood is more durable than a plastic toilet seat.

Step 3: Easy to clean

Both plastic and wood toilet seats are easy to clean. But when the wood toilet seat finishes perfectly with solid wood, the product is easy to clean than a plastic toilet seat; whatever plastic toilet seat made with solid plastic, and used lots of things that are not easy to clean.

Step 4: Installation

Most people find great problems when they are going to install the product. However, for installing the model perfectly, the shape is an important factor. First of all, you need to check out your toilet bow shape, such as round and elongated.

After that, you need to check out the dimension. When all are meet perfectly, then you can go for installation.

wood or plastic toilet seat for a heavy person?

Well, people are generally looking for a comfortable toilet seat. If your family member needs a heavy-duty toilet seat which is suitable for the heavy person,  surely I recommend the wooden toilet seat. A wooden toilet seat is heavier, stronger than a plastic toilet seat.

A wood toilet seat is also suitable for boy and girl both and provide maximum comfort and safety. So, I suggest a wood toilet for heavy people, boys, and girls. 

FAQs (Frequently Ask and Questions)

Q: What is better toilet seat wood or plastic

A: Both are perfect. For weighty people, I think wood is better than plastic. On the other hand, you need to choose a plastic toilet seat to get an advanced facility (control temperature, light).

Q: Are wooden toilet seats sanitary?

A: Yes, but it is less sanitary than a plastic toilet seat. But a wood toilet seat is enough for sanitary.

Q: Which toilet shape is more comfortable?

A: According to the user experience, the elongated toilet seat is more comfortable than a round toilet seat shape.


The debate of this topic comes from the past. According to my experience and users’ experience, wood toilet seats are more comfortable and healthy. Plastic toilet seats come with advanced features and suitable for any kind of temperature. If you still confused about which is the best toilet seat to buy? You can contact me for more detail.

So, you can choose any of them for your toilet to get maximum comfort.

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