How to Clean a Hot Tub Without Draining It (7 Actionable Methods)

how to clean a hot tub without draining itYou may know that after 3 to 4 month every tub owners need to drain for getting fresh water and keep the tub free from hard, iron, stain, and other harmful elements free. But I know that some times you clean the water without a drain system.

Well, to answer your questions, you need to consider some important methods to clean the hot tub without draining. What is the process? Well, let me explain deeply so that you can apply your hot tub to clean it without draining the system. So, keep reading.

What is a hot tub (How to Clean a Hot Tub Without Draining It)

Well, a hot tub is a tub that provides excellent temperature (hot) for your bath. So, you can also compare a hot tub with a hot mini pool where you get hot water facilities for your bath.

Step 1: Recycle the hot tub into a pool

This step only works when you have a swimming pool. If you have not, you will avoid this spet right now. Whatever with a small submersible pump, you need to empty the spa into the pool; after wiping down the spa, clean with the spa chemical. If you do it perfectly, surely you can clean the tub without draining it.

Note, if you have not a pool, you can borrow the pool from your neighbor.

Step 2: Recycle your hot tub into the bathtub

Let’s try the second step, which is actionable and workable. This section works perfectly if you have a garden bathtub hose distance of the hot tub. You need to use a small submersible pump, empty 50 to 60 gallons into the tub, and use it for bathing.

You need to work this method continuously for the whole week. I hope that this section helpful to you.

Step 3: With an external pool filter, you need to filter the spa

This number 3 step only works if you have a pool pump access with a filter. If you have plug and play hot tub, you can connect your tub with the pump’s plug. Hook up a pool size filter and pump, and you can turn over the filter all of the water and wait a few hours.

I hope this method works perfectly because so many hot tub owners already use it, and they are succeeded.

Step 4: Scrub the SPA with hot tub

You can use a soft brush to scrub off any film and dirt and then use a skin net and spa vacuum to remove it. The brush must bed updated and strong because most of the brush is broke down and dirt the tub, which is harmful to your tub.

Though it is a traditional method, it still works. I also used this method for my hot tub.

Step 5: Used a robot

Now the world becomes more updated. The hot tub clean method is also updated, and most people use the robot to clean the tub. However, if you do not want to drain the water from your hot tub, surely you can use a robot that cleans your tub deeply with less time.

But it would help if you remembered that the robot is much powerful and able to work instantly with floor ground.

Step 6: Soak the tub jets.

Many of the jets come with removable and washable facilities. You may know that most of the tub also dirty because of the jet. However, you can soak in a 50:50 solution of vinegar and water to remove the calcium build-up.

This is an advanced method that surely works. So, without draining water, you can apply this method for the best cleaning service.

Step 7: Scrub the tub pipe

Well, this is my final step for you. The pipe is one of the main reasons which dirt the water. It would help if you needed to clean the pipe. Well, you can clean the pipe with a brush and some chemicals so that you can hassle-free clean your hot tub.

If you think it is a hassle for you, you can hire a plumber to clean the product.


I hope that the above information helps you to clean your hot tub without draining. If you follow each of the above steps, you can easily clean your hot tub. Or if you think the work is complicated, you can hire a plumber for doing your job.

I will try my best to provides you all of the updated information, which is actionable and workable. So, without delay, you can apply each of the steps for getting the best result.

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