How High Should a Shower Head Be (Perfect Guides)

how high should a shower head beHow high should a shower head be is a common question which comes from the past? Most shower experts or plumber may tell you that the standard height of a shower head is that 80-inch above the bath floor.

I agree with them, but you may also know that the showerhead comes in different styles, such as rain shower head, handheld showerhead, wall-mounted showerhead, and some others. You may also know that they come in different sizes, which you also consider.

I found lots of showerheads that come with 92-inches, and some other ones come with 72-inches. Why are they different from each other? Let me explain profoundly.

How High Should a Shower Head Be (Vary from Person to Person)

The title means in-depth. You may know that different people have different heights. When you think of a showerhead, it is also essential to think about the showerhead height. Suppose your family member (anyone) height 6 ft; surely, you need to consider an 80-inch showerhead because this height also applies to all of the people.

But it would help if you did not depend only on people’s height. You need to focus on different shower style size. Let’s introduce them to choosing the perfect height for you.

1. Rain Shower Head

This shower system feels like you wet in the rain and enjoy your childhood. It is an enjoyable showerhead for kids as well as all kinds of people. If you want to choose a rain shower head, you need to choose at least 84″ size from the floor.

Though rain showerhead comes in various sizes, I still believe that the 84″ rain shower head is suitable for any ages and any sizes of people. So, before you purchase a rain shower head, you need to consider this section.

2. Wall Mounted Shower Head

A wall-mounted shower head is another good option for any age and height of people. Whatever if you wanted to go for a wall-mounted showerhead, you need to consider an 80″ shower head for maximum flexibility.

However, you need to consider the product with your height or your family member’s average height. You will get the detail of the showerhead size in the product description. I think you may understand whatever I say to you.

3. Handheld Shower Head

Do you have any handheld showerhead of your home’s bathroom? Then you need to install the showerhead with your bathroom 70 or 75 inches for getting maximum comfort and flexibility. But you can also install the showerhead with custom think.

With a handheld showerhead, you need to choose a 60-inch hose for maximum flexibility. It would help if you chose a 60-inch hose when you are going to install the showerhead with a 70 or 75-inch size. So, before you install a handheld showerhead, you need to consider this section.

4. Extra things

I think you already ready to install a showerhead from any three options. For choosing the perfect height, you need to consider your bathroom size and members who use the showerhead. It would help if you considered people’s height and bathroom height.

On the other hand, if you want to get a perfect size and hassle to calculate the person’s size and bathroom size, you can choose a standard shower head size such as 80-inches, which is still working and actionable.

If you consider the above section to get maximum flexibility, you need to maintain the sections when you are going to purchase a showerhead or install the product.


Well, now you have enough data for choosing the right height shower head. The information is actionable and workable. It is better for you when you choose the product for your bathroom. According to my experience, the methods completely work in my bathroom.

Whatever if you are still unsatisfied with this matter, you will let me know in the below comment box; I think my team solves your issue so that you can get the service for a long time. So, without worried, apply the methods for choosing the right height.

I think you may find the answer to your question, “how high should a shower head be.”

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