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what is the standard height of a shower headWhat is the standard height of a shower head is a common question which comes with long debate. However, different showerhead comes with different size and design, which makes the height difference.

The heads are made of unique shapes for different Installations—some of the showerhead design with standard height, which is suitable for every people. So, if you are still confused about which size is better for your family, surely you can go for a standard shower head height.

Today, I will discuss with you this matter which helps you to know the different shower head sizes and which height is suitable for you. So, without delay, let’s get started with the content right now.

What Is the Standard Height of a Shower Head

First and foremost, you need to ensure that your shower head is able to provide you comfortable access to standing inside and outside shower spray. The suitable height of a showerhead should be 38-inches to 48-inches varies from person height to person height.

So, before you purchase a shower head, you should remember this section so that you can easily control the size and comfortably get access.

Different types  of shower head & Installation

You may know that there are three different types of shower head which comes with different Installation and size. So, let’s know their size and Installation for getting the best performance.

Wall-mounted shower head

If you think about wall mounted shower head installation, surely you need to consider some important things. According to plumbers, the wall-mounted height should be 80-inches. But if you want, you can choose the different height of the showerhead, which fits with your own need.

Rain Shower Head

This showerhead is always my favorite. Rain shower head size is different for person to person and the bathroom size. But the height of a rain shower head should be 84-inches, which is standard, and around all people use the same size for their bathroom.

Handheld Shower Head

If you have the best handheld shower head with an on-off switch system or just a handheld showerhead, surely you need to choose a  perfect height shower head. You should choose 72 to 78 inches from your bathroom floor.

On the other hand, if you choose a 72 to 78 inches size shower head, you must choose a 60-inches hose, which provides you more flexibility.

Tall Person Shower Head Standard Height

If you are a tall person or your family has any tall person member, surely you need to think differently. For only a showerhead, you must think about different. However, the standard shower head height for a tall person is 10 to 16 inches.

If possible, think about the versatility that means to choose your height size from the market.

Short person Standard Shower Head Height

This is my final step for you. If you are a short person and wanted to install a shower head surely, you are coming to the right places. However, for a short person, you need to think about the adjustable height. I can not recommend the exact size, which is harmful to you.

I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this section.

Are You Considering A Shower Head

If you think that you need to install a showerhead, surely you need to consider the shower head height. Besides, the height you may also consider lots of things to get the best performance. I hope that you will maintain all of the things without any issue.


Whatever, I hope that you can find your question answer of what is the standard height of a showerhead. It is truly important to choose the right shower head height for getting easy access. But if you think you need more information about this topic, surely you can let me know in the below comment box.

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