5 Best Dual Flush Toilet Conversion Kits in 2022

Are you aware that a dual flush valve saves up to 45% of water? Do you want to know how? Well, it transforms your existing conventional toilet into a dual flush system wherein you can release a low amount of water for liquid waste and a full flush for solids. But, what are the best dual-flush toilet conversion kits?

We are here with some top-notch dual flush toilet conversion sets. A buying guide and section of frequently asked questions are also added afterwards to clear all your confusion.

Quick View of the Best Dual Flush Conversion Kits


1. Danco HYR460 Hydroright Universal Water-Saving Toilet Kit

Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet with Close Quarters Spider Handle Design
  • No one - and I mean no one - will beat my customer service and individual support
  • Easy to install by any reasonably handy person.

Danco HYR460 is one of the best dual flush conversion kits for traditional toilets. If you are a homeowner, you might know Danco manufactures high-grade bathroom accessories. The HYR460 is one of their finest creations because it gives you a water-efficient bathroom and prevents leakages.

The HYR460 automatically detects the leaks and lets you know about such incidents. So, you will never find sudden mishappenings in your washroom.  Apart from that, it’s easy to assemble. Therefore, you can configure it within 10 minutes.

Danco HYR460 is compatible with all 2 to 2.5-inch flush valves. Plus, its minimum clearance is 10-inch. In addition, the water-conserving kit can be calibrated according to the required amount of water.  However, this unit is not compatible with Mansfield toilets.

If you need a dual flush toilet conversion kit with maximum water saving ability, Danco HYR460 could be a suitable investment. It’s not expensive. Still, this toilet addition lasts for many more years to come. So, you don’t have to think much before investing in this kit.

  • Efficient and long-lasting
  • Easy to install
  • Advanced sensors to detect the leaks
  • No need to remove the tank for its installation
  • Incompatible with Mansfield toilets


2. Danco HYR270 HydroRight

Next by Danco HYR270 Hydroright Water-Saving Dual Flush Valve with Push-Button Handle
  • DESIGNED TO FIT standard flush valves up to 2-1/2 inches. Height 10 -1/2 inches. INCLUDES split handle with flush activator. DOES NOT fit Mansfield brand toilets
  • SAVE WATER AND ENERGY: FITS 1.6 to 3.5+ gpf toilets and this dual flush valve converts a standard 2-piece toilet into a water-saving dual flush toilet capabilities

Danco HYR270 HydroRight dual flush valve converts a traditional toilet into a dual-flush mechanism. It saves around 15000 gallons of water every year by providing you with the choice of full or partial flush. This water-saving product comes with a two-button flush handle. So, you can release a low amount of water for liquid waste and a normal amount for solids.

The HYR270 HydroRight also reduces or eliminates the use of paper. So, it’s one of the most eco-friendly additions to your bathroom. Plus, this flush valve installs without removing the tank. You don’t need any special tools to set it up.

Danco HYR270 is constructed using a long-lasting plastic Perma fit silicone seal, which is chemical resistant and never warps. It replaces the handle, chain and flapper, which means you might not deal with common problems like leakage. However, this dual flush valve is only compatible with 2-piece toilets with a 2-inch flush.

Apart from that, the Danco HYR270 HydroRight valve needs 10-inch clearance from the highest point of valve flush opening to the tank lid inside. However, it’s not compatible with Mansfield toilets.

  • Durably built for long-lasting services

  • Saves up to 70% water

  • Fix all the common leakage issues

  • Requires no tools for the installation

  • Exposes you to some chemicals, including Styrene

  • Not compatible with Mansfield toilets


3. Danco HYR271T Hydroright

Danco HYR271T Hydroright Dual Flush Valve and Lever Handle, White
  • WATER-SAVING TOILET FLUSH VALVE: The HydroRight replacement toilet flush valve easily converts most standard toilets into a dual-flush water-saving toilet which uses up to 70% less water for liquids and paper.
  • REPAIRS COMMON LEAKY TOILET ISSUES: Eliminates the most common problems in toilets that cause leaks as this flush valve replaces a worn-out toilet flapper, chain and handle which can often break.

The HYR271T Hydroright has everything you need to convert your standard toilet into a water-efficient dual-flush system. It makes a significant difference in water usage and you can see the effects on your utility bills. Plus, you don’t have to use paper, which is a huge advantage for our environment.

You don’t have to keep the hold of the flush lever with Danco HYR271T. Press one of the buttons once and it takes care of the rest. As the Hydroright gives you the option of two buttons, you can save up to 70 per cent of water. Use the partial flush for liquid waste and full for solids.

Danco HYR271T saves you from the stress of water wastage and high utility bills. Plus, it repairs common issues in your toilet, including an end of life toilet flapper, handle or chain that generally breaks after frequent usage. Moreover, you don’t have to use additional tools for the installation.

However, this dual flush toilet conversion kit is only compatible with 1.6 to 3.5+ GPF (gallons per flush) 2-piece toilets. Also, it fits only a 2-inch flush valve and needs a 10-inch clearance from the highest point of the flush valve opening to the inside of the tank lid.

  • Lever system needs less pressure to flush

  • Conserves up to 70% water

  • No tools are required for the installation

  • Steady fitting. Minimal maintenance

  • Chemical resistant

  • Only compatible with side handle systems


4. Fluidmaster 550DFRK-3 DuoFlush

Fluidmaster 550DFRK-3 DuoFlush Complete Fill and Dual Flush Conversion System
  • Convert your existing 2” flush valve toilet to Dual Flush technology
  • Save water & money, uses up to 45% less water

Here we have one of the best dual flush toilet conversion kits that work without making any noise. Usually, most of the flushing systems create a lot of sounds while filling the water into the tank. But, Fluidmaster 550DFRK-3 DuoFlush is different. It has a 2X refill rate, but the uproar is almost zero.

The 550DFRK-3 saves up to 45% water by converting your conventional toilet into a dual flush technology. It has a flush handle that lets you use half or full flush as per the waste type. So, you can conserve a significant amount of water and reduce your utility bills.

Press the lever down for full flush and up for half flush. It’s easy to use without any confusion. So, even a kid or senior citizen can also enjoy the services of DuoFlush.

Fluidmaster 550DFRK-3 is compatible with lower HET, 2” flush valve toilet, and 1.6/3.5 gallons per flush toilet. It uses a high-quality PerforMAX fill valve. So, this dual flush toilet conversion kit lasts for a long and never creates any problems.

  • Easy to install and use

  • Quiet and performance-friendly PerforMAX fill valve

  • Saves up to 45 per cent water

  • Create minimal noise

  • High refill rate

  • Low quality built of the flush lever


5. Danco HYR451T 

Danco HYR451T HyrdroRight Universal Water-Saving Toilet Repair Kit with Dual Flush Valve, Lever Handle, White
  • WATER-SAVING DUAL FLUSH TOILET REPAIR KIT: Easily converts a standard toilet into a dual flush toilet that saves water by reducing the amount of water used with each flush.
  • ELIMINATES TOILET LEAKS: Eliminates common leaky toilet problems due to a worn-out flapper, handle or faulty flapper chain.

If you are using a traditional single flush toilet and want to reduce water wastage, then consider Danco HYR451T. It’s one of the best dual flush toilet conversion kits that replaces the toilet flapper. Plus, the appearance is also neat. You don’t have to mess with complex installation.

Danco HYR451T lets you waste a small amount of water for liquid waste and a full flush for solids. You can adjust the amount of water entering the bowl. So, it conserves water and reduces your utility bills.

This kit eliminates the most common toilet problems caused by a worn-out flapper or non-functional flapper chain. Plus, it detects leaks and lets you know via a signal. However, Danco HYR451T is not compatible with 3″ flush valves, Mansfield Brand toilets, and 1.28 GPF toilets

The HYR451T fits with most 2-piece toilets 1.6 GPF. It needs 2-inch flush toilets. Furthermore, this dual flush toilet conversion kit follows drop-in installation. So, you can set it up without using any additional tools. Try this product to enjoy a water-efficient toilet.

  • Works without a flapper

  • Conserves water

  • Allows adjustment of flush water

  • Easy to install

  • Prone to ghost flushing


Buying Guide

You have to consider several factors before purchasing a dual flush toilet conversion kit. Let’s discuss those points in this section. Read them to make sure you invest in a compatible kit that suits your purpose.

Button or handle?

Do you prefer a dual flush system with buttons? Or you find the lever mechanism more comfortable to use. The flushing system via handle is comfortable, especially for senior citizens. However, it’s not comparably convenient to use.

The button flushing structure needs a bit more pressure, but it’s long-lasting. On the contrary, the lever-based mechanisms are easy to use but are more fragile. So, pick one as per your requirements.


Invest in a dual flush conversion kit that’s compatible with your toilet. Do you own a 2-piece toilet? Or is it a single piece? Pick a kit according to the design. Check the flush opening size to ensure the new converter fits your toilet without any hassles. In addition, inspect the clearance space. 10-inch is the standard for most of the dual flush conversion kits.

Ease of use

Comfort should be one of your priorities while looking for a dual flush toilet conversion kit. So, check the accessibility of the lever or buttons. Do you want the button on the top? Or do you prefer the lever mechanism on the left or right? Try a kit as per your answers.

Replacement parts

A toilet is used by all your family members. Hence, there are chances that a dual flush conversion kit might break after some time. So, try something that can detect and let you know about leaks because it’s the most common issue. Apart from that, ensure that you can purchase replacement parts in future. These are the two reasons why we suggest kits, which can detect and report the leak.


How much money should I invest in a high-quality dual flush converter kit?

Most dual flush toilet conversion kits are available from $25 to $45. So, you don’t have to invest a significant amount to get a water-efficient addition for your toilet.

How to replace my traditional toilet with a dual flush converter?

  • Turn off the water supply, remove the water tank cover and flush the existing water from your toilet tank.
  • Once the water is gone, disconnect the flapper at the bottom. It’s the component that opens every time you flush.
  • Disconnect the chain from the tank lever.
  • Remove the flush lever using the pliers. Hold the lever with one hand and unscrew it.
  • Now it’s time to install the new flush toilet conversion kit.
  • The kit has a bracket that attaches to the vertical overflow tube. Slide down and hold the gasket down at the bottom.
  • Once the gasket is in its right position, you can snug it up with a cable tie on the sides. But, don’t snug the gasket right now.
  • Break apart the lever or pair of buttons from the rest of its body. Press a lever to take out the buttons set or handle. Unscrew the base, connect the lever with your toilet tank and snug up its nut. Tighten the cable on the gasket.
  • Turn on the water supply and check the flushing mechanism.
  • Change the fill valve if the bowl is not getting enough water to flush down the waste. Loosen the nut that connects the fill valve. You can find it beneath the tank.
  • Take out the old valve and install the new one by screwing the nut at the bottom.
  • Refill the tank with water and test the amount of water released once you press the lever or button. Adjust the fill valve if you are not satisfied.

Follow the user’s manual included with the dual flush toilet conversion kit for a better understanding of the steps mentioned above. Contact a professional if you cannot follow the guidelines.

Can a dual flush toilet conversion kit save water?

Yes, such an addition in your toilet saves up to 45 to 70 per cent of water.

Should I invest in a new dual flush system or dual flush conversion kit?

Buying a new dual flush system is expensive. But, it is profitable if your existing toilet is very old or damaged. However, you can try a dual flush conversion kit if your toilet is not broken, you want to save water and reduce the utility bills.

What happens when I press both buttons at once?

Pushing both the buttons releases more water, which is useful if you plan to get rid of significant waste. But, it’s better to push the bigger button and then the small one.


We suggested some of the best dual flush toilet conversion kits. So, you can pick one of them as per your existing toilet. Try Danco HYR460 because it’s water-efficient, easy to install, and eliminates most leakage troubles. Danco HYR270 is also a great option if your motive is to reduce water wastage.


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