Can You Put A Clock In The Bathroom?

Time spent in the bathroom may be one of the most unaccounted times in modern-day life. When there, time seems to elapse so fast, whereas we find it hard to keep track, especially when there’s no clock to help with that, which is mostly the case in people’s bathrooms.

Let’s now ask a question; Can you put a clock in the bathroom? The answer is yes. You can most definitely place a clock in a bathroom, even though most people don’t. There are many benefits from it on establishing routines and healthy habits for better self-organization.

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This article provides reasons for placing a clock in a bathroom, where you should put it, and what types of clocks are most suitable for the purpose.

Benefits of a bathroom clock

There are several reasons to put a clock in a bathroom, and they include;

1.   Time Management

Time management is the fundamental reason to place a clock in a bathroom. It’s because you manage your time much better when you’re always aware of it, even in the bathroom where time just seems to elapse without you noticing. Keeping a clock in a bathroom keeps you aware of the time effectively.

2.   For Guests

Guests can appreciate you placing a clock in your bathroom when it helps them keep track of time. This way, the same time management benefits that you get from putting a clock there can also be obtained by your guests, and who doesn’t appreciate a benefit?

3.   To Disconnect From Your Smartphone

Nowadays, we tend to use smartphones for everything, including keeping track of time and not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you can’t always take a smartphone to the bathroom. For this reason, placing a clock in your bathroom is helpful.

4.   Keep Track of Bathroom Activities

Bathroom activities such as brushing, waxing, shaving, et al. can take a lot more time than needed because it’s easy to lose track while in there without a clock to keep you alert. For this reason, a clock in the bathroom will help you keep your schedule as best as possible.

5.   For Kids (Entertainment and Time-Keeping)

There are specific types of clocks made for kids with designs, characters, or in-built music that constitute a great source of entertainment. A good example is a time-teaching clock that recites the time to kids at specific hours.

Also, kids are often racing to beat the clock so as not to be late for school, and a bathroom clock is an excellent way to help them manage time, especially when it’s an entertaining one.

6.   Decoration

Clocks matching the aesthetics of your bathroom can be a great source of decoration, especially for interior design lovers.

7.   Radios

Some clocks have in-built radios that you can tune into even when in the bathroom and not miss your favorite radio stations.

8.   Light Source

A digital clock in the bathroom can be a good light source when in the dark, not just for illumination but also for the aesthetics of your bathroom.

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Where Can You Place a Clock In Your Bathroom?

There are several ideal spots to place a clock in your bathroom. They include

1. Bathroom Wall

A wall is the first place that comes to mind when placing a clock anywhere. The wall is the most common spot to mount a clock in a house, and it’s also applicable to your bathroom. The critical consideration here is that the wall clock should be big enough that it’s readable from afar no matter your position in the bathroom. You should also place it at a suitable height that’s not close to obstacles like a door.

One good example of a wall clock suitable for your bathroom is this white, enticing analog clock.

FirsTime & Co. Arabesque Mosaic Wall Clock, 10.25", Gray Stone
  • SMALL BUT MIGHTY – Our FirsTime & Co. Arabesque Mosaic Wall Clock has a compact and chic 10.25” diameter and 2” depth, making it a great size for any space.
  • IT’S IN THE DETAILS – This round clock is crafted of plastic with a glass lens, white face and chrome finish. The frame is painted white behind a beautiful glass mosaic design, making it the perfect addition to any décor.Style:Coastal

– It’s waterproof, and has very bold numbers for easy reading. More so, it’s very beautiful, adding the bathroom’s styling.

2. Bathroom Countertop

Another ideal spot for a bathroom clock is on the countertop, where time in the bathroom is spent frequently. This way, you can easily keep track of time when carrying out bathroom activities.

Since countertops are usually close to your vicinity, the countertop clocks don’t need to be as large and bold as the digital ones that can be read from afar. They can be smaller due to the closeness to your eyes and maybe analog or digital as with the wall clocks. One key consideration here is that the clock is preferably waterproof because of its considerable probability of getting in contact with splashing water at the countertop.

Here are some of the best bathroom countertop clocks

BALDR Digital Shower Clock with Timer - Waterproof Shower Timer for Kids and Adults - Bathroom Clock That...
  • ULTRA EASY SETUP: To set the timer on our waterproof clock, simply use the touch-sensitive buttons on the front, You can add time to the waterproof timer for shower in one (1) minute intervals or by ten (10) minute increments, Our shower clocks will beep at the end of the countdown.
  • GREAT FOR KITCHEN OR BATHROOM: With an IP24 splash-proof rating, our water proof shower clock was carefully built to handle water spray with ease, plus our small digital clock won't fog up or get moisture droplets inside of its casing, you can confidently use it in the kitchen or the shower to keep track of time and save water.

This clock features an LCD display, making it easy to read. It’s optimized for the bathroom by being tightly waterproof and looks sleek by design.

3. Shower Wall

Some clocks, tightly waterproof ones, are made specifically to be placed on shower walls. It’s just like the usual wall clock but smaller in size such that you can put it on a shower wall and quickly check the time when in the shower..

KADAMS Bathroom Shower Digital Wall Clock Large LCD Screen - Kitchen Clock - Water Resistant Timer - Seconds...
  • Water Resistant Time Management Clock: Kadams digital clock makes simple and recurring activities in life manageable in a smart way. The IP24 rated clock is resistant against water sprays and is ideal to be installed in areas that experience humid and wet conditions like bathroom, vanity mirror, shower glass, kitchen window, laundry, or spa room (avoid steam bath, sauna areas)
  • LCD Timer with Seconds Counter: The clock comes with a large LCD display with wide viewing angles for vision during showers. It’s large and bold typography is also helpful for those with memory loss and poor eyesight. The clock’s time display can be switched between 12/24 hr format and also features a seconds counter

– This clock is made for shower walls. It’s compact in size and waterproof to prevent damage. It not only shows the time but also other measurements such as temperature and humidity.

BassPal IPX7 Waterproof Speaker, Bluetooth Portable Wireless Shower Speakers with LED Display, FM Radio,...
  • Multifunctional LED display: The portable Bluetooth speaker LED digital screen display allows you check the time and battery in Bluetooth mode. In FM radio mode, you can choose to listen to the station you like and adjust the volume as needed, bring you a more convenient and comfortable life.
  • Beat-driven light show: Watching a halo of LED phase, pulse and shine with the rhythm of your music for a completely immersive vivid audiovisual experience. The Bluetooth party speaker boasts seven romantic colors and you can lock one color or let it scroll away to elevate the atmosphere of any event, especially beautiful at night.

– This one has an inbuilt radio to be used in addition to telling the time. It also has custom lights that can beautify your bathroom. Being multipurpose, it’s a good bang for the buck.

How to Mount a Clock?

Ideal ways to mount a clock on a wall include;

  • Nailing a hole in the wall and hanging it
  • Drilling through a hole in the clock into your bathroom wall
  • Gluing to a wall using powerful glue

How to Power a Clock?

For electrical powering, clocks are either fed by battery cells that last for a long time (maybe in-built or external batteries) or by plugging into electrical sockets in proximity. Wall clocks mostly use battery cells, while countertop clocks are the ones typically plugged into electrical outlets due to the probable proximity of a countertop to an outlet compared to a wall.


Bathroom clocks are essential for keeping track of time spent there and establishing strong routines and schedules for everyone. This article covers the importance of a bathroom clock, why you should get one, and the ideal types to buy if you decide to get one.

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