How To Install Toto Toilet Seat – Details Explained For Beginner

Toilet or washroom is the ultimate place for attaining freshness. Be it a residence or a commercial space, and a toilet is an actual construction. Across the globe, there have been so many large manufacturers of toilet seats. Among them, the TOTO group has been manufacturing some of the finest toilet seats worldwide.

They have got many advantages for the users. However, installation of toilet seats can be troublesome at times. And, you don’t want your toilet seat to go bad due to the wrong installation, right? Here in this post, you will get to learn how to install a Toto toilet seat.

Before learning the installation procedure, let us know the advantages of using a Toto toilet seat.

Why Majority People Prefer Using Toto Toilet Seats?

The manufacturers have put inconvenient design within these toilet seats to provide hand-free and even toilet-tissue features. These include an automatic flush system, an integrated bidet, a hot-sitter, an air purifier, and an air dryer.

Below here, we have described the importance of using Toto toilet seats:

These seats will ensure you a hassle-free washing experience

The toto toilet seats quickly offer warm water cleansing at the touch of a button rather than conventional toilet paper that can often be hard. The build and the design of these seats are so sophisticated that you will get a spa-like experience while using these toilet seats.

After using the toilet, the use of water is more convenient than dry toilet paper. Moreover, these Toto toilet seats help to maintain your bathrooms safely without harsh chemicals.

Before any service, the pre-mixing feature sprays the bowl with water. It prevents waste accumulation and cleanses the bowel.


We always think and take care of our hygiene. The Toto toilet seats provide an effective way for purification.

These seats clean the washrooms better than the tissue papers, in addition. These toilets don’t use any toxic chemicals while washing the toilet.

The installation of Toto Toilet seat

Let us assume you’ve bought a luxurious Toto toilet seat! Fortunately, you can complete the installation process with no need for external help. With only a few basic instruments: a wrench, a flathead, and a screwdriver, you can go for the installation process.

Before you start, please remember: you need a power outlet close to your toilet to plug into your toilet’s power cord. For the Toto toilet seats, the power cord is only 4 feet long.

Your Toto toilet seat comes with all the required installation hardware and an integrated heater for warming the water so the current supply of cold water behind your toilet can be used for this purpose.

To install the Toto toilet seat, follow the instructions below :

Initial fixation of bolts

Ensure that waste is removed from the flange of the closet. After it is clear, you need to place the bolts in place and hold the toilet. Then, put the bolt head in the flange and face the thread up.

The arrangement of the toilet seat

Take the toilet bowl in your hand and then turn it upside down. To prevent damage to the toilet, it may be helpful to put it in some cloth or even on your mobile.

Now, place the wax ring on the bowl floor and then turn the bowl upside down on the right. Line the holes on the bottom of the bowl to the bolts on the floor; when your toilet is positioned and lined up, press down to create a seal between the wax ring and the flange.

Put the nuts on the mounting bolt threads. Now, tighten the nuts uniformly (like you would when putting the wheels on a car). After that, fasten the bolts as long as the toilet bowl can be crushed.

Fixation of nuts and gaskets

At this point in time, you should twist the tank across the seat and make sure all nuts and gaskets are in place. You have to inspect the bowl gasket especially. Then, set the tank to be used for bowls and bolts. Ensure the rubber washer is between the bolt head and the inner tank bottom. When both bolts are in the tank, collect them and place them in the pan.

Now, put the bolts in the bowl’s openings. Then tighten the bolts with your hands as much as possible with a wrench to fix the bolts at the bottom part of the seat.


At this stage, you have to fill up the ballcock on the bottom of the container. This attachment can only be strapped by hand because the plastic threads of the ballcock can easily be broken through the wrench. To fill the tank water, open the supply valve on the wall or ground.

Finalizing the installation

At this point, Substitute the lid of the tank. Once you are done with this and find no leaks, place the tank cover on the upper part of the tank to protect its components. Now, set up your bathroom seat. Make sure the type of toilet you have fits bolts in the toilet bowl by the trousers.

Pull the nuts down on the heart, and then use the screwdriver and snap to secure the seat entirely. Close the toilet lid and place the two caps behind the saddle. These caps protect the assembly lumps of your toilet seat.

Open the caps or use your flathead screwdriver to flip them open if they’re stuck. Then, tighten the bracket using a Philips-Head screwdriver. Don’t strain the tightening of the screws yet. They are to be snug but not close so that you can change your bracket to align the seat as appropriate. Now put the Toto seat in your bathroom.


You will always want to install the best type of toilet seat for your washroom. Toto toilet seat is one of the most leading ones in the market in terms of quality and service.

We back you follow our guide for knowing how to install Toto toilet seat. Thus, you will get a lavish look at your washroom, and your experience using the toilet will be a comfortable one.

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