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It is not so tough to replace a toilet seat with hidden bolts. And who doesn’t want an adequately installed washroom for their home or residence? But more often than not, people face difficulties while replacing a toilet seat.

It is because of a lack of knowledge of the proper instructions. It is essential to know the required materials for the installation procedure. Moreover, you should follow the correct instructions in sequence. In this post, you will get to learn how to replace toilet seats with hidden bolts.

First of all. Let us cover the things you will require for this procedure.

The required apparatus for replacement of toilet seats with hidden bolts:

  1. The protective hand gloves
  2. Lubricating oil
  3. Drilling machine with several bits
  4. A hacksaw
  5. A Masking tape  
  6. A thin knife
  7. A wrenching socket
  8. A screwdriver with a flathead

Steps on replacing toilet seats with hidden bolts 

The next move will be to take the removal process if you have your tools ready and set. You must look at the fittings to remove them because your toilet seat bolts are in hidden condition. Test if there are any bolts attached to your toilet seat fitting.

In addition, ensure that plastic caps are covered behind the toilet. Follow the steps below to replace the toilet seat quickly after inspection:

Step 1. Hand gloves are one of the most crucial protective gear in this operation. Firstly, you need to put the gloves on and then start to operate. 

Step 2. With the help of a duct or masking tape, you can now secure the toilet seat. This move is vital because removal of the hidden bolts can push against the bow of the toilet. You also may openly tape the heart and the lid with one another.

If you need to drill or cut out the bolt before removing the seat, the cover must be tape with material as cardboard if you put your toilet seat fixtures. And thus, you can cover the plastic side of the seat.

Step 3. Now, with your flat head screwdriver, start removing the caps. The configuration of the hidden attachments will involve applying a bolt or an extension before the nut holding bolt is reached.

All you have to do is switch the clamp against the clockwise direction. Add mild yet steady force for a brief period before the nuts are loosened. If the nozzles and bolts are already loose, you can still insert a sprinkler in the bolt head.

It helps you to keep the bolt open if you don’t use the bolt.

Step 4. Spray the penetrating oil on the two bolts if the toilet seat is an old one. The oil is used as a lubricator to loosen the corrosion metal. For rusted bolts and nuts is used penetrating oil such as WD40.

After applying this oil, wait five to ten minutes to ensure that the oil is correctly injected into small hardware spaces. The bolts can then be removed easily. In case of no oil penetration, you can also use a mixed solution of 10% acetone and 90% vegetable oil.

Step 5. To remove the caps carefully, use your flat head screwdriver. You can now look at the top of the bolt, which holds the seat, after removing the caps.

Bolts that stick out under the toilet should be noticed here. After that, tighten the bolts with wig-nuts. Use the pins to hold the nuts still, and then remove the bolt using your screwdriver.

Step 6. It would help if you used the hacksaw in a case in which your toilet seat hardware is screwdriver resistant. Use a large knife so that you can protect the porcelain around the head of the bolt. This is for the avoidance of accidental scratches.

Then continue to cut the hacksaw on the hardware. The bolt and the hinges which attach the seat and toilet may be necessary. A mini hacksaw should be suitable for an enclosed room, but if it is a broader area, you can use it regularly.

Step 7. At the time of drilling,you need to press the bolt and nut constantly and slowly during the boiling process. Add more bits to the boiler to enlarge the void.

By loosening the hardware, you can remove the nut. Be careful when boiling your hole because it can hurt you.

So, these are the steps for knowing how to replace a toilet seat with hidden bolts.


If you follow the steps above correctly, you can quickly replace a toilet seat without relying on anyone. Remove the stubborn chair with a plug, a hack sight, or a box. You will avoid any corrosion once you get the hang of it and simplify the subsequent removal. The trick is to keep the seat regularly cleaned and replace worn-out components as required. Thus, you can have a well-polished washroom experience whenever you enter there.

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