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Who doesn’t want comfort in their washroom? The majority of people across the globe prefer using the showerhead, which comes with a hose. A hose within the showerhead adds flexibility to the showering options you have.

You can easily hold the hose with your hand and then go under showering in relaxation. And more often than not, people face difficulties in installing these showerheads. Here in this post, you will know how to install a shower head with a hose.

The installation process of shower head with hose

Step 1: Removal of the prevailing shower head and cleaning of shower arm

It might be possible to remove the existing showerhead by hand, depending on the length of time your old showerhead has been mounted for. If this is not possible, you can use the adjustable wrenching device for unthreading the head mounting. You have to turn it in the anti-clockwise direction.

After you remove the old showerhead, you need to clean the threads of the shower arm pipe.

By doing this, you will be able to remove any filth and seal of the thread tape. Then, you have to inspect the integrity of the shower arm pipes. This operation will keep the showerhead in good condition and corrosion-free.

Now it comes to the most crucial part. If the part of the prevailing one seems to be worn out, you have to replace it with a new one. We will like to recommend you disinfect the threads of the shower arm by implementing a microfiber cloth. It helps in picking up the majority of the filth and helps to remove the thread seal tape.

Step 2: Application of the thread sealing tape within the shower arm 

After you have completed disinfecting the shower arm, it’s time to add a new sealing strip. It ensures a leak-free seal for your bathroom head installation.

Make sure you go in the same direction as you would when using the thread sealing tape when you tie the showers on your shower arm.

So, wind the seal band around the shower arm pipe in a movement in the clockwise direction. Thus, it will not unravel when your showerhead is attached.

Work your way up to the threads from the bottom of the pipe and allow the revelation for 4 to 5 turns. Lastly, smoothen the sealant tape with your fingertips on the thread of the shower arm.

Step 3: The installation of shower head with a hose

Now, this is one of the most vital parts of this process. Because this step will ensure how easily you can have access to the showerhead. Below here, we have explained what you need to do:

A rubber washer is pre-mounted inside of the solid brass shower head holder. This feature helps in leak-free sealing. Until continuing, ensure that it is correctly placed inside the threads.

Start by tightening the head holder of the shower by hand. Now, with a pair of pins or adjustable wrench, you can tighten it further down.

You may want to ensure that you understand which side of the tube goes where before mounting your shower head hose. Now, although some tubes have identical fittings, most tubs have two different fittings on both sides.

The hexagonal nozzle is the sides of the cupholder. The side which attaches to the hand shower is the smooth conical nozzle. The showerhead doesn’t dock in the shower head holder if you reverse it.

Two shower washers will come within your installation kit. Begin with a cleaner inside the hexagonal nozzle and tighten the shaft to the bottom of the shower holder. You can tighten the hexagon further with an adjustable wrench, but don’t overtighten.

Finally, within the threads, position the other washer of the smooth conical nut and tighten the hand to the hand shower base.

Step 4: The docking of your handheld shower head

Put your hand shower into your shower holder with your holder, tub and showerhead attached.

Examination for finding out leakage: 

Let’s go through the showerhead in hand with a bit of water and check it out. Three places to see if there are leaks are desired:

The position where the bathtub is attached to the shower arm.

The position where the bathroom hose connects to the showerhead.

The point where the shower tube leads to the toilet.

Have you noticed any leak? If so, then tighten the fitting with soft pins or an adjustable wrench.

The importance of installing shower heads:

Hand showers are the perfect way to massage the torn muscles and body aches. Just change the spray mode to the strong massage spray setting and place the hand shower on the treating space.

You’ll be the one to control the showerhead with a metal shower hose! Metal Hoses have got an interlocking design that offers the most versatility out of any handheld shower head you can find, which is hung freely right from the packaging. This makes metallic hoses the ideal way for short-term and long-term use.

Over time, you can also notice that metal tubing will leak or break often when the plastic shower tubing is turned into waste. 

The metallic hoses with plastic tubes also implement a cheap PVC just like a new PVC shower curtains. These tubes take the most harmful smells for weeks to go off-gas and can genuinely be a teaser. Considering the installation of a product in washroom, this task is a very important one to accomplish.


You have to buy the best quality shower heads for your washroom. But we back you up for knowing the proper and exact installation process. And this will add a good functionality of the hose with shower. In this article, we have tried to explain how to install a shower head with a hose. We hope it has helped you in installing the one at your shower. 

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