How To Add a Handheld Shower Head To A Bathtub?

Add a Handheld Shower Head To A Bathtub

Who doesn’t want a good quality handheld shower for a bathtub? However, the correct shower head installation is essential for your use during a shower. This gadget adds a new and versatile look to your shower. Moreover, these shower heads have got a lot of advantages for their users.

People can spray hot water on the painful joints whenever he wants for the showerhead. As a whole, these showers have made life a lot more comfortable in the washroom. This post will explain how to add a handheld showerhead to a bathtub.

Installation of handheld shower head to a bathtub

First of all, you can find different types of installation kit in the market:

The standard fitting:

You can attach the standard fitting to the existing arm of the old shower. Thus, you can replace the old shower head with a hose with more flexibility. And this type of fitting can function both as a handheld or a head shower.

Cross Tee Fitting

You can attach the cross tee diversion fitting system with the current showerhead and include it as an additional hose unit.

These fittings have got two outlets: one for the linkage of the new handheld showerhead. And the other one is for linkage with the existing showerhead.

People quite extensively use tub spout diversion systems. More often than not, they use this as a showering option. Usually, it would be best if you took out the old showerhead to install a tub spout system.

The preparatory steps 

If you are going to replace a usual shower head with a handheld one, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, you have to remove the prevailing showerhead. Then, by using a controllable wrench or valve-grade pliers, revolve the nut of the showerhead in the counter-clockwise direction. Thus, you can loosen the old showerhead. The showerhead will generally revolve along with the nut.

If you implement the showerhead in another place, ensure finishing the fitting by using a heavy piece of cloth.

  1. Now, it comes to the most crucial step. You know that cleanliness is a very vital factor in any installation process. Here, you need to disinfect the threads of the shower arm for removing filth deposits. These deposits are of the old piping. Wrap the threads onto the tape of a plumber and wrap them 4 to 5 times in the clockwise direction. The tape helps to avoid leakage of the new attachment to the bathroom.

How can you Install a Handheld Showerhead by Implementing a Standard Fitting?

This method enables the installation of a handheld shower to the prevailing bath arm. Here, it would help if you replaced the old bath head and a handheld shower. The handheld device either twists on the end of the showering armor sit on an armrest.

Attachment of the base of the showerhead

After removing the old shower cover, you will need to wrap several loops of steel tape across the threads within the arm. Tie the handheld showerhead platform into the showering arm. After that, for attaining sufficient firmness, tie it correctly using your hand.

Attachment of the Hose

Wrap multiple loops of plumber pipe while dressing rub on the showerhead base around the cross-tee nipple. Then, it would help if you threaded the flexible shower shaft onto the nipple.

After doing this, the tightening is to be done by your hand.

Switch the water on the hopper and search for leaks. If either of the two attachment point leaks, use a piece of heavy cloth or leather to cover the leaks. You have to use an adjustable wrench for this operation.

How can you add a Handheld Shower implementing a Cross-Tee Diverter Fitting?

This procedure brings in a handheld shower lid. Here, it would help if you left the current head of the shower. Then, you need to go for the installation of a diversion tee fitting.

After removal of the prevailing showerhead, you have to disinfect the mountings of the shower arm. After that, bind in several loops plumber pipe across the threaded region of the shower arm.

Reconnection of the Shower Head

After wrapping the tape across the threads of the plumber pipe, you need to bind the prevailing shower lid onto the cross-tee diversion. After that, bind it with your hand.

Attachment of the Flexible Mounting

Fix in the outer part of a cross-tee diverter with the adjustable mounting of the side-holder shower. Then, lift and pull it by hand. Switch the water on the hopper and search for leaks. Tighten carefully if either attachment point leaks.

Installation of a New Spout fitting

Purchase a new tub-spout in the diverted form that uses either a slip-on or a threaded model of connection. Wrap your spout with two or three wraps of a plumber’s pipe seal tape in the direction of your clock. Then, screw it on the stub-out pipe.

Slide the spout through the stub tube and tighten the screw-pad with a hex key when a slip-on design is needed.

Mounting of the Sliding Bar

Transfer the slide bar (or mounting bracket) to the wall in the direction of the maker. The hole in the wall can be boiled and the bracket anchored with expandable anchors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should you notice while buying a showerhead?  

Look for a brass-made shower head as it is more durable than the others. Showerhead mounts within the shower arm which comes out of the tub. And it controls the water flow as it enters the showerhead. Buy the ones with brass ball joining because they are long-lasting.

What kind of shower is the best one to buy?

Electric showers are ideal for household usage with a balanced supply of hot water from the boiler. In contrast to the mixer and power showers, electric showers take water from the colder water source, the heat inside the shower by the heating elements.


We cannot deny the importance of a showerhead installed in a bathtub. It adds a whole new dimension to the showering process. We back you to read this article focusing on how to add a handheld showerhead to a bathtub. As a result, you will get to know about the ins and outs of this installation process.

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