Which Side Should a Shower Door Open [Plumber Reports]

The shower door is an important element for our bathroom. Most people don’t know, which angle should a shower door open. But is a very simple question and easy to maintain the door. When you open the door the right way that means you will use the door safely.

which side should a shower door openThe modern bathroom plumbers believe that the doors are now versatile and flexible to open in any direction without any hassles. Most of the shower doors on the market are reversible. You will open the door on both the left and right sides. The angle of the opening of a common shower door is 180-degrees.

However, the sliding door is incorporated and comes with fix panel. You will install a side door on both the left and right sides which you feel comfortable. If your family member comes right-handed and feels comfortable with the right side that means you will need to install the side door on the right side.

Which angle Should a Shower Door be Opened [With Different Shower Doors]

There are several types of shower doors I found on the market which also open in different directions. The side door you already know opens with your own direction. But if you still wanted to know another shower door, let’s check out the below sections.

1.  Side Doors

The side doors are common in each of the bathrooms because of their strong support and extra benefit. However, you will easily install this type of door in any direction such as left and right. On the other hand, the door opens at a 180-degrees angle for any class of people.

2. Frameless Glass

This door opening section is really confused the people. Like the side doors, you will also install this frameless door with any angles whatever you want. Most people install the shower door on the right side because of comfortable.

3. Pivot Shower Door

This is another unique shower door that comes with strong and durable features. The majority of users install this shower door in the left section because of flexibility. But, if you think that you need to install this shower door on the right side, surely you will install this shower door.

  • Using the right side opening the door you will get flexibility and comfort

  • Provides durability

  • Suitable for any class of people

  • Never need to replace right direction frequently

  • Avoid accident

  • Wrong side open occurs an accident

  • Maximum time provides discomfort

FAQs (Frequently Ask and Questions)

Q: Which side should a shower sliding shower door open?

A: Now the majority of shower door comes with a reversible option that means you will use the shower door both left and right side. But if you want to get some extra advantage you will install the shower door panel of your shower head because of overflow water.

Q: Are sliding shower door outdated?

A: A sliding shower door is not looked modern and doesn’t provide extra benefit. According to Basco shower door experts, the frameless shower door is better than a sliding door. A sliding door holds on to aluminum and other elements that death after a time.

Q: Which types of shower doors best?

A: If you want to choose the best shower from the market you need to consider some important things. First of all, you can consider a popular brand such as Basco, Dreamline, and others. Moreover, you will choose well materials especially glass and installation methods.

Final Verdict

Shower door opening is not a mandatory question nowadays. You will install the shower door from any angle without any issues. You will also install your preference side. You need to tell your plumber to install the product in the right direction.

I hope that the article provides you enough value to find your questions. If you also have specific questions about this topic let me know in the below comment box. So, without any hassles install your shower door right now.


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