Best Toilet for Large Stools With No-Clog in 2022 [Top 7 Pick]

best toilet for large stoolsSometimes we face great problem to use a large stool with our commode. To use a large stool with a commode, the commode becomes clog, stains, and also occur different colors such as yellow, gray, black, and others. You may don’t ready to face the problem. Are you?

Actually, no one likes an ugly toilet. However, if you want to avoid this type of issue but still want to use a tall toilet than a normal toilet, you should consider the best toilet for large stools. This article will discover the toilets that come with a powerful flush, water-saving, durable, affordable price, and some other elements.

What is the Best Toilet for High Use & No-Clog?

I tested the products, existing users’ experience, customer reviews, and ratings according to my research. I collected for you the 7 best toilets that won’t clog when you use a large stool or without stools. So, please take a quick view of my selective product list.

  1. Best for no-clog: TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet
  2. Best for flushing system: Kohler K-3979-0 Highline Toilet for Large Stool
  3. Best for large stool: American Standard 221CB104.020 Colony Toilet
  4. Best for large water surface: TOTO CST744S#12 Drake Toilet
  5. Best for dual flush: American Standard 2887218.021 H2 Toilet
  6. Best for comfortable: Kohler K-3999-0 Highline Toilet
  7. Best for extra height: Kohler K-3493-96 Highline Classic Pressure Toilet

Though each of the products has a different qualification, you may discover all of the qualities on every toilet. So, when you get a toilet for its specialty, you will easily get another facility with the toilet.

Top 7 Tall Toilet Comparension Chart Which does not Clog

This comparison table helps you to get a quick view of the products. If you think that you have not enough time to read out the detailed product reviews, you can surely check out this table to get a clear concept and compare the products.

7 Best Toilet for Large Stools Products Reviews

I hope that you already get a clear concept about the products. But it is a crucial fact to choose a product after knowing the detail. I collected each product information from forum, older users, and I also tested some toilets. So, let’s check out the product reviews to get the best one.

1. Best for no-clog: TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet

Best for no-clog: TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet

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TOTO CST744SL#01 is a G-system toilet. What is a G-system toilet? Generally, a G-system toilet means G-system flush system. Unlike the siphon jet flush system, it is more powerful and saves more water from flushing.

Moreover, it is a no-clog toilet that means that when you use the toilet heavily for a long time, it never becomes any stains or clogs. Each of the materials of this ADA toilet stain, bacteria, clog, odors, and harsh elements free.

This TOTO measurement is 28 x 19.5 x 30.5 inches, which made this toilet spacious and extra height. The height is suitable for tall, weighty seniors, folks, bad knee persons and suitable for the person who needs extra height to get maximum comfort.

Whatever, this toilet model drake uses 1.6 GPF (gallon per flush), which is higher than some other toilets on the market. It would help if you did not concern about water uses because up to 20% water saving facility.

Finally, this toilet is designed for large stools. If you have any stool for using the toilet, you can adjust the stool with this toilet without height issues. Any class or height of the tools easily adjusts with this toilet.

It is used enough water, which easily removes the clog, bacteria, stains, and other harmful elements.

  • It meets with ADA-complaint

  • It is tall but suitable for any ages or size of people

  • Updated G-system flush

  • Take less water but provides strong support

  • Comes affordable price

  • Provides lifespan support

  • You need to purchase the toilet seat seperately

TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet with Elongated Bowl, Cotton White
  • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
  • G-Max flushing system, low consumption (1.6GPF/6.0LPF), Elongated front bowl and tank set, less seat

2. Best for flushing system: Kohler K-3979-0 Highline Toilet for Large Stool

Best for flushing system: Kohler K-3979-0 Highline Toilet for Large Stool 

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Are you searching for the best toilet flush system for your large stool? Of course, this exceptional bulk flushing system provides you professional and user-peach-of-mind service.  Let’s discuss in detail this modern toilet.

It is a 2-piece toilet that comes with an elongated toilet bowl. This bowl added room and comfort for any class of people. Like the upper toilet, this Kohler toilet is also suitable for large stools because of its perfect and standard height.

Moreover, it is a wide rang toilet and used enough height which easily attaches a large stool. Despite the stool facility, this toilet is also suitable for weighty persons, pregnant women, diet persons, older persons, and any kind of normal people.

This toilet’s shape is oblong, which is easily set up for any kind of bathroom (small, medium, and large). But, the majority of users think that the toilet is suitable for adult or senior persons.

Don’t worry; it is a water-saving toilet. This toilet uses 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF) included in the lower water uses the toilet on the market. Overall, you can easily clean the toilet with soap, chemicals, a brush, and any kind of cleaning element.

  • Used awesome white finish

  • Easy to installation

  • No clog issues occur

  • Easy to use, especially adults and seniors

  • Water-saving flush type

  • Perfect 12-inch oblong shape

  • It is also not included the toilet seat

Kohler 3979-0 Highline Comfort Height Two-piece elongated 1.6 gpf chair height toilet
  • Two-piece toilet. Three-bolt quick-connect installation
  • Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort.

3. Best for large stool: American Standard 221CB104.020 Colony Toilet

Best for large stool: American Standard 221CB104.020 Colony Toilet 

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If you are searching for a toilet which is best for bing stool and full-fill other qualities, surely, you can check out this toilet. So, the first thing you may consider about its big stool user-experience.

According to the American standard, this 2-piece standard toilet’s ability to move to mess up 70% larger than industry-standard toilets. Of course, it is one of the best advantages for a person who needs extra space.

This toilet’s measure is 27.81 x 18.69 x 29.25, which perfect shape for any kind of bathroom. You can easily install the toilet floor-mounted (it is not suitable for wall hanged or another installation process).

Unlike the upper and some standard toilets, it takes less GPF 1.28, which truly saves your water around 20 percent. Next, the 4-inch large flush and faster water move to clean the toilet deeply, which easily avoids the stains, germs, bacteria, and other harmful elements.

With this toilet, you will discover a comfortable, perfect shape, and easy clean toilet seat. The seat is also capable of taking enough weight and provides the users maximum comfort. Overall, you don’t need to use any brush or chemical to clean the toilet or seat.

  • Used perfect measurement

  • Save up to 20 percent of water

  • Included a comfortable toilet seat

  • Perfect for big stool

  • You don’t need to use any tools for cleaning it

  • Crystal and clear installation manual

  • Some users found the bowl issues

American Standard 221CB104.020 Colony 1.28 GPF 2-Piece Elongated Toilet with 10-In Rough-In, White
  • WATERSENSE CERTIFIED — Uses 20 percent less water and performs as well as or better than regular toilets

4. Best for Large Water Surface: TOTO CST744S#12 Drake Toilet

Best for Large Water Surface: TOTO CST744S#12 Drake Toile 

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Let’s welcome another TOTO toilet that is top-rated and leading on the market. It is an inexpensive toilet, but the users can get quality features from this toilet. Note, you don’t get any toilet seat from this toilet.

This drake toilet comes with no-clog, stain, bacteria, and other elements free, which allow the users to use this toilet every day as a new toilet. Overall, the measurement is 28 x 19.5 x 30.5 inches which are adjustable for a large stool.

Moreover, TOTO CST744S#12 is specially designed for a tall, older person, needs extra support of knee, back pain, and other issues. So, if you are looking for these types of problem-solving toilets, surely you can check out this toilet.

Like the upper TOTO toilet, this commode also comes with the G-system flushing method, which is better than the siphon and another flush. It is not only powerful but also saves water up to 20 percent by cleaning the whole toilet.

Overall, the materials of this toilet strong and stable enough to support the users for a long-time. So, you just need to install the toilet in your small, medium, or large bathroom and forget to replace the toilet in the future.

  • Suitable for the majority of users

  • Used strong G-system flush

  • Also suitable for back pain and knee

  • Easy to adjust the large stool

  • Comfortable to use

  • Easy to install any size of bathrooms

  • The toilet seat is not included

TOTO CST744S#12 Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank, Sedona Beige
  • Contemporary, high profile design. Equivalent to 26cc gas engine.
  • G-Max Flushing System: Quiet, powerful, commercial grade flushing performance

5. Best for Dual Flush: American Standard 2887218.021 H2 Toilet

Best for Dual Flush: American Standard 2887218.021 H2 Toilet 

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This is an ever-clean surface toilet that kills harsh elements. This American Standard 2887218.021 H2 toilet comes stain-free, clog-free facility. It also prevents bacteria, mole, mildew, or colors such as yellow, gray, and black.

Moreover, it is a dual flush toilet which is used a siphon flush system. You may know that the siphon flushing system is one of the most powerful flush systems. With this powerful flush, you can easily save the flushing water.

It takes 0.92 GPF (gallon per flush). You can also use a single flush system that needs 1.28 GPF (gallon per flush).

The measurement of this American Standard toilet is 15 x 29.75 x 30 inches. This best toilet for not clogging is easily adjusted to your large stool. The height is much better for tall, elder, knee pain persons and suitable for general people.

Finally, the manufacturer of this toilet provides you a lifetime warranty and technical support. You don’t need to pay a single amount of money for these toilet parts when you need to replace the toilet.

  • Used powerful siphon flush system

  • Provides lifetime support included all of the parts

  • ADA-complaint and EPA-approved

  • Automatic clean harmful elements

  • Never contain any colors.

  • Provides durability support

  • You need to purchase the seat separately

American Standard 2887218.021 H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Normal Height Elongated Toilet, Bone, 2-Piece
  • EverClean - Permanently maintains cleanliness of the surface
  • Siphon jet bowl technology with PowerWash rim provides optimal UHET performance

6. Best for Comfortable: Kohler K-3999-0 Highline Toilet

Best for Comfort: Kohler K-3999-0 Highline Toilet

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Are you looking for the best comfortable 2-piece elongate toilet at an affordable price? Certainly, this Kohler K-3999-0 Highline toilet is one of the best deals for you. Moreover, the toilet is designed for large stools and tall persons.

The toilet is included a comfortable seat which is the elongate shape. The seat of this toilet is slowly closed and easily takes enough weight for weighty persons. So, you can get both durability and comfort from this toilet.

Moreover, this Kohler K-3999-0 toilet meets a strickly EPA-approved and water sense function, which saves 20 percent of water and moves the water to each section of this toilet. The GPF of this toilet flush is 1.6 gallons.

You can install this toilet in floor mounted, which means you don’t install the toilet in-wall or other area. The installation method is so clear, which helps your plumber to clean without any issues easily.

The bowl of this toilet is 1st class that means you don’t need to repair it anytime. On the other hand, the toilet bowl has an automatic cleaning valve that means the flush, cleaning process, and other elements work perfectly without manual action.

  • Used water sense function

  • It comes with a comfortable seat

  • Enough height for tall and overall persons

  • Hassle-free to the installation  process

  • Used 1st class toilet bowl

  • None of major issues

Kohler K-3999-0 Highline Comfort Height Two-piece Elongated 1.28 Gpf Toilet with Class Five Flushing...
  • Comfort height elongated toilet bowl with a seat height comparable to that of a standard chair, comfort height toilets make sitting down and standing up easier for people of all ages
  • 12 inches rough in. Water sense toilets meet strict EPA flushing guidelines, including using at least 20 percent less water than 1.6-gallon toilets

7. Best for extra height: Kohler K-3493-96 Highline Classic Pressure Toilet

Best for extra height: Kohler K-3493-96 Highline Classic Pressure Toilet 

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This is my final biscuit color toilet with awesome looks, stable color, perfect flush, compact shape, and lots of facilities. So, let’s check out the toilet in-depth reviews to clear your confusion about this toilet easily.

This Kohler K-3493-96 toilet used a pressure-assist flush system which is very powerful and capable of saving water. When you press the flush button, the water moves quickly and effectively so that the harsh elements are easily clean.

Moreover, it takes less space to install the toilet. Though the height is much better for a large stool or tall persons, the toilet bowl comes with an elongate shape, compact but powerful, and provides you perfect installation.

You may know that Kohler is a popular name and fame on the market for toilets. So, you will get strong and 1st class support from this toilet. I think it is one of the best deals for you to install your bathroom.

  • It comes with a pressure-assist flush system

  • It is a durable toilet

  • Extremely suitable for large stool and tall persons

  • Easy to clean and flush

  • Comfortable to use

  • The warranty is not clear enough

Kohler 3493-96 Toilets and Bidets, Biscuit
  • Vitreous china.
  • Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort.

Facilities of using a toilet stool


Buying Guide of Large Stool Toilets

When you clean your confusion about the toilet for your large stool, you should check out the buying guide section to get the best one from the market. So, let’s check out each of the sections to get the best one.

Clogging and Other Issues of Toilet

Around 80% of toilets become clogged, stains, and also occurs different colors. Especially when you use a stool, the clog occurs. The modern toilet uses less water to save water, but the clog occurs when the toilet doesn’t clean perfectly.

There are some different elements you may discover for clogging your toilet. However, when choosing a toilet for your large stool, you should try to avoid clogging issues toilet. After clogging, the toilet also comes in different colors, which look ugly.

Flushing System of a Large Stool Toilet

A Flushing system is much important for any kind of toilet. In the market, I found three different types of flushing systems for large stool toilets. The flushing systems are G-system, water-pressure system, and siphon jet flush system.

For a tall toilet, you can choose any of them to get the best performance. Moreover, I think the single and dual flush toilets both are working much better.

Height of Toilet

Generally, a large stool toilet comes with some extra height for its users. I found so many large stool toilets which are tall enough. Moreover, when you choose a large toilet, surely you can comfortably use the toilet and get some extra support.

Installation Process

You should consider an easy installation process toilet. When you choose an easy installation process toilet, you can save the plumber cost or easily install the toilet. Moreover, each of the large stool toilets comes with a floor-mounted installation system. So, it should not be better for you to choose a wall-hung toilet.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do you get a big pop down the toilet?

A: To dissolve the big poop of your toilet, you need to use vinegar, warm water, and some other elements. First of all, use baking soda and vinegar in the toilet. Secondly using vinegar gradually until it stops forming. If you think that the problem dissolves, then flush your toilet. I hope it works fine.

Q: What toilet is best for not clogging?

A: Generally, a high power flush, water move each of the section of the toilet and clean perfect then the toilet easily avoid the clogging issues. You can also check out the upper list to get a clog-free toilet for your bathroom.

Q: Which toilets are better, American Standard or Kohler?

A: According to my experience, Kohler is better than American Standard. Though both are popular, Kohler provides better performance, design, service, durability, and user satisfaction. So, if you want to use a toilet for a lifetime with a better design, I think Kohler is one of the best choices for you.

Final Verdict

What next? Now you can comfortably choose the best one. If you are still confused about the products that one is best for you, I will win one toilet from my list. You can choose Kohler K-3979-0 because of its high performance with the flushing system. This toilet is affordable, easy to clean and install, and lots of features provide you with lifetime support.

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