how much does a toilet weigh? [Ultimate Reviews]

how much does a toilet weighWhen you choose a toilet, you should remember the toilet weight because of durability, comfort, and hassle-free user experience. Toilet weight is a debate thing? So, I realize it and describe it deeply.

So, I researched it and thought that I would share the details I found about the weights and related questions with you. I think it is informative for you, and you can find from this content your exact information. So, without delay, you should read the content to the end.

Average toilet weight

The average toilet weight is around 60 pounds to 120 pounds or 27 to 55 Kg. However, it depends on types and design—furthermore, standard two-piece toilet weight around 60 to 100 pounds or 30 to 45 Kg.

In short of answer average toilet weighs on toilet type and design. However, it also varies from brand to brand and person to person. I think you may understand the average toilet weight. Let’s discuss the weight of the different toilets.

Two-piece average toilet weight (Included 5 brands)

Two-piece toilets are the most common and popular types of toilets. Your home toilet mostly likes a two-piece toilet because it is common around 70% of people—generally, the weight of a two-piece toilet between 70 to 10 pounds.

  • TOTO vispin 11 – 106 lbs
  • Kohler Highline – 102 lbs
  • TOTO Drake – 70 lbs
  • American Standard H20 – 68 to 75 lbs
  • Kohler Wellworth – 86 lbs

As you see, the different brands have different weights as I fist says to you that the weight of the toilet mostly depends on designs and types. However, I think you will be benefited from this information.

One-piece toilet average weights (Included 3 top models)

However, a one-piece toilet is heavier than a two-piece toilet. They are also unable to carry or not much easy to carry one place to another because you have to lift the whole toilet together. I always recommend a one-piece toilet for a heavy or tall person.

Here are the weighs some popular one-piece toilet brands.

  • TOTO UltraMax II – 99lbs
  • American Standard Boulevard Flowise – 117 lbs
  • Kohler San Souci

So, my final suggestion is that if you want to choose a toilet for a heavy person, surely one-a piece toilet is one of the best choices for you.

Average toilet tank weights

Like the toilet, the tank also varies from model to model. When I research, I found the toilet tank weight average of 25 to 40 pounds. However, for your clear idea, I mention some top-rated toilet tank weights. I believe that it is capable of clearing your confusion.

  • Delta faucet Haywood Toilet Tank – 35 lbs
  • Kohler 1.6 GPF Tank – 40 lbs
  • American Standard cadet tank – 23 to 35 lbs
  • I hope you can get an idea after seeing the tank’s weights.

Toilet bowls weight (Average)

The average bowl toilet weight is around 50 to 60 pounds, but some exceptions, the weight of toilet bowl 35 pounds. Here some toilet bowl weight example for you so that you can take an idea about it.

  • American Standard Madera 1.1-1.6 GPF bowl – 53 lbs
  • Kohler Highline Pressure Lite Toilet Bowl – 55 lbs
  • American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise Bowl – 59 lbs

I think it is enough information to get a clear idea for toilet bowel weighs. Remember, it may differ because of the brand and model. So, you must have to know the brands and models clearly before you purchase a toilet bowl.


I think you can understand whatever I say to you about this section. Toilet weight is an important matter because it supports you for a long time if you choose the toilet’s perfect weight. I already told your different brand toilet weights.

So, if you really want to choose the perfect toilet weight, I think the above information is surely helpful for you.

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