Can You Replace a Round Toilet with an Elongated Toilet [In-Depth Reviews]

Can You Replace a Round Toilet with an Elongated ToiletCan I put an elongated toilet seat on a round toilet? This question was on my mind last year. When I researched online, I saw that so many people also suffer from the same problem. Then I start to install a round toilet an elongate toilet, and trust me; it is very easy to do.

If you asked me that you can replace a round toilet to elongate the toilet or not, then the straightforward answer is yes, you can replace it without any issues. Are you wanted to replace the rounded toilet with an elongated toilet? Then keep reading.

Can you replace a round toilet with an elongated toilet?

You may know that an elongate toilet is two-inch larger than a round toilet. So, you need to confirm that your bathroom has enough space to install an elongate toilet perfectly taking with perfect space.

Most of the round or elongated toilet has the same size, and most of the toilet has 12-inch rough-in. If you want to replace the round toilet with an elongated toilet, you need to measure the existing toilet perfectly to an elongated toilet.

Of course, a toilet, when coming with a larger rough-in dimension, requires you to change your plumbing configuration or move to fit the toilet perfectly.

So, it is suitable for you to know the existing toilet size and compare it to the elongate size. You get the exact size of the product dimension. You should measure the toilet carefully; otherwise, you may suffer along.

What’s better elongated or round toilet?

It is suitable for adults, older, and youth people to elongate toilet or toilet seat. The toilet is made for maximum comfort and user-friendly support. On the other hand, the shape of the elongated toilet bowl is much better.

The bowl of an elongate toilet size is larger, which is suitable for any kind of person. Overall, an elongate toilet is much better and takes less space on your toilet. So, you will also install an elongate for your small toilet.

According to my experience, an elongate toilet is supported me a lot than my previous round toilet. My elongate toilet is durable, comfy, and also provide other facilities. So, it is an awesome decision for you to switch round to elongate toilet.

FAQs (Frequently Ask and Question)

Q: How much longer is an elongate toilet than a round one?

A: The exact toilet size information varies from manufacture to manufacture. The standard measure of an elongate toilet is 2-inch rough large than a round toilet. But, the maximum toilet manufacturer made the toilet the same size.

Q: How much does a new toilet cost?

A: It varies from brand to brand and toilet to toilet. According to my experience, you will achieve a toilet to cost 200 to 500 USD. If you want to purchase a better condition toilet, you may need to pay some extra money.

Q: Are toilets a standard size?

A: The standard measure of a toilet is 15 to 17 inches. If you already have a chair toilet, that means you need to collect up to the 17-inch toilet. But most of the time, I found toilet size 14 to 16 inch which is suitable for any class of people.

Q: What does elongate toilet mean?

A: An elongate toilet means a round front toilet bowl that is closer to a true circle. On the other hand, an elongate toilet is an oval that provides the user extreme comfort.

Final Verdict

Both elongate and round toilets are better. But when I compare these two toilets, then I recommended elongate. Elongate is much better because of its comfort, perfect shape, taking less space, hassle-free installation, and others.

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