How to Hide Bathroom Door in Living Room? [5 Awesome methods]

How to Hide Bathroom Door in Living RoomSometimes bathroom doors look ugly and damage the room design. It is important to choose the right door with matching your room design. However, if you think you need to hide your bathroom door at any cost, this article is one of the best choices.

This section discusses both natural and artificial methods to hide your bathroom from your living room. You can get both free and paid methods, so you can easily choose any method. So, without thinking more, let’s get started with the article right now.

How to Hide Bathroom Door in Living Room

It is a great thought to hide the bathroom door for increasing the beauty of your living room. Are you confused about doing this? Don’t worry; check out the below section to get the best method to hide the bathroom door without damaging your room beauty.

1.  Used Book Case to Hide the Bathroom Door

It is a classical and modern method to hide the bathroom door. To apply this method, you can save your bookcase space and also hide the bathroom door. You can use any bookcase color such as white, blue, dark to match your living room.

2. Used Curtain to Hide the bathroom Door

This is another popular method that is also less expensive. You can easily hide the bathroom door using an awesome curtain. A curtain helps you keep dry outside of the bathroom and keep the bad smell away from your bathroom.

3. Paint the Same Color with Your Bathroom Door?

You can easily hide your bathroom door using the same paint. If your room’s color is white, surely you need to color your door white so that people can not find the door easily. I hope that this method helps you to hide the door easily.

4. Used Wallpaper to Hide the Door

Why don’t you try awesome wallpaper to hide your bathroom door? Now it is one of the best methods to hide the door. It does hide not only the bathroom door but also increases your room beauty. The method is also less expensive to do instantly.

5. Try to Use the Same Tile to Hide the Bathroom Door

When your bathroom wall and door have the same tile, that means it easily hides the door. I found so many powder room and the general room which apply this method. So, if you want to hide the door easily, you can apply this method without thinking anymore.

FAQs (Frequently Ask and Question)

Q: Can you have a toilet off a living room?

A: Around 60% of the living rooms used toilets. So, you can also keep a toilet in your living room. Don’t worry; the toilet door is easy to hide. You just need to follow the upper section to hide your toilet from your living room.

Q: Should you leave your bathroom door open or close?

A: It is much important to keep your bathroom door close. When you always open your bathroom door, it looks ugly, comes bad smell, and another harmful element. So,  I think you must keep your bathroom door close.

Q: What can I use instead of a bathroom door?

A: You can use, bookcase, wallpaper, tile, exact match pain, and some other elements instead of a bathroom door. This method hides your bathroom door and provides you an awesome view to increasing your living room.

Final Verdict

When your bathroom looks ugly and you always wanted to creative design for your room, you can surely hide your bathroom from your leaving room and design it with your own. I found couples of the method on the web that provides the useful tips and tricks to hide the bathroom door.

I hope that the upper methods allow you to hide your bathroom door easily. So, without thinking any more, get your desire one from the upper 5 methods and hide your bathroom door right now.

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