The 10 Best Toilet for Hard Water in 2022 – Reviews & Top Pick

best toilet for hard waterWe use our toilet every day, but many of us don’t take care of the toilet, and that’s why we suffer hard water, stain, and another harmful element which worst our toilet. We know it, but we don’t clean the toilet. It is an amazing thought to choose the best toilet for hard water.

Within mind, I collect 10 best toilets or commodes that keep you worried free about the hard water even when you can not clean the toilet for a long-time. The article takes you through various models, features, pros, cons, and modern commodes attribute. So, let’s get this started.

10 Best Toilet for Hard Water Chart

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TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II Toilet, 1.28 GPF with SanaGloss, Cotton White
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TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II Toilet, 1.28 GPF with SanaGloss, Cotton White
Powerful Flush
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Top Pick
Product Image
TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II Toilet, 1.28 GPF with SanaGloss, Cotton White
Product Title
TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II Toilet, 1.28 GPF with SanaGloss, Cotton White
Powerful Flush
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1. Toto MS604114CEFG#01 Hard Water Toilet

Toto MS604114CEFG#01 Best Toilet for Flushing Large Waste

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This Toto MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II one-piece best toilet for flushing large waste serves you the biggest back support to avoid back pain. It comes with efficiency and style that increase your bathroom beauty and hygiene for a long-time.

The SanaGloss in coated barrier helps prevent mole, mildew, hard water, and stain from in the bowl. The advanced technology and solid construction instantly prevent the harmful element so that you need not worry about the toilet’s harmful element.

Using a more 1.2 GPF (gallon per minute) of water per flush, with this GPM, this toilet able to save water. You can also say this model is a water saver toilet. Note, while you are still flushing with enough power to prevent all of the bowl’s streaks and debris with every flushing system.

When I consider this component, I found a strong emission. The toilet meets with ADA, Watersense, CALgreen, and CEC compliant, making this unit more trusted than I think. So, you will use this component securely.

On the other hand, this toilet comes with a soft closed toilet seat, which is awesome for any kind of person, especially a weighty and tall person. Overall, the toilet is used advanced technology and materials which can prevent hard water stains in the toilet.

  • It is a trusted and safe toilet

  • Suitable for any weight of people

  • Used SanaGloss  protective barrier

  • Easy to installation

  • It is a water saver model

  • Suitable for hard water

  • Some users found the plunger issue (rear)

2. Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Toilet

Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Best Flushing Toilet 

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Another top-rated toilet from Toto. It is an expensive toilet which specially built for hard water. This Toto toilet is a one-piece toilet with built-in strong materials such as ceramic with a SanaGloss coat that allows you to use long-time.

Like the upper model, this equipment saves water per flush. If I compare both toilets with saving the water per flush, I recommend this best flushing toilet to go.  You may save 30% of the water from flushing the toilet perfectly. It has an automatic hand-free flush system.

It is used as an advanced siphon jet flushing system, allowing this toilet to powerfully prevent debris, leave, and clean the bowl perfectly. You will enjoy every flush of this toilet because of its powerful flushing functions.

It has 8 or 1 GPF (gallon per flush). This equipment is used advanced feature and sensor which know how many GPF you need to flush. On the other hand, the toilet is used remote control system to operate the toilet without moving.

You will control the temperature of its seat. The remote and electric control panel allows you to heat the seat with your desire temperature. Though it is an expensive model, this component provides you some special service than any other toilets.

  • Automatic hand-free flush system

  • Powerful sensor flush 8-1 GPF

  • Both electric and remote control facilities

  • Used minimal design

  • Suitable for an industrial and residential area

  • Come with eco-friendly materials

  • Very expensive

3. American Standard 2887216.222 Toilet

American Standard 2887216.222 Hard Water Stains Toilet 

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American Standard is the most popular brand in the toilet industry. It is a two-piece toilet on my list. So, if you are looking for a two-piece toilet, you should continue this hard water stains toilet description.

It is a round shape toilet seat which is suitable for any age and class of people. You can install this toilet for any narrow bathroom that means if your bathroom is small, you will definitely apply this toilet. Note, you don’t need to apply any tools or plumber to install this toilet.

Moreover, it is a dual flush toilet system that allows you to choose the water level. When you need a bit more water to flush, it helps you to down everything to flush on the drain. Like the upper Toto, this component is also used advanced siphon jet flushing technology.

Remember, this toilet light flush uses 1 gallon of water, whereas the other toilets need 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Overall, you will discover from this component fresh flushing water-saving facilities than other models.

It is used on every clean surface with an antimicrobial that prevents mold, mildew, hard water, stain, and another harmful element.  So, if you are looking for the best toilets for under $300, surely you will go to the toilet (American Standard 2887216.222) without any hassles.

  • Used advanced siphon jet flush technology

  • Take less flush water 1 gallon

  • Tool-free and plumber-free installation

  • User-friendly

  • Comes with affordable price

  • Used eco-friendly materials

  • Suitable for rental poperty

  • It may not suitable for large bathroom

4. Kohler 3810-0 Affordable Toilet

Kohler 3810-0 Best One-Piece Toilet Under $300 

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This Kohler comes with several quality features that make this toilet peach of mind product. A toilet that comes with so many shades of the bridge. It is an elongate shape one price toilet that provides you maximum comfort and you may also call it the best one-piece toilet under $300.

The design of this unit is used 17 to 19-inch height. The height is comfortable and suitable for tall people as well as other toilets. On the other hand, you will also choose this toilet is suitable for disabling or who does not move easily and need maximum comfort.

Unlike the American Standard, this toilet needs 1.28 GPF (gallon per flush). It is also used as the best toilet fill valve for hard water so that the toilet can easily remove hard water, stain, and other harmful element from your toilet.

The toilet is clean the bowl automatically, so you don’t need to do it manually. Overall, the toilet comes with quality materials and an easy installation method to don’t need to use any extra tools or hire a plumber.

Finally, you will achieve a 1-year limited warranty for trustfully use this toilet. If you want to choose an affordable price toilet with a comfortable height and seat, you will surely consider this toilet for your bathroom.

  • Comes with comfortable height

  • Water-saving product

  • Especially suitable for a disabled person

  • Hassle-free to install

  • It is a durable model

  • Comes with affordable price

  • It is not much better for small space

5. KOHLER K-3609-0 Toilet

KOHLER K-3609-0 Best Kohler Toilet Ever 

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This is another top-rated best Kohler toilet ever which is suitable for both small and medium space. It is a two-piece toilet and comes with an elongate shape. The shape and height are maintained comfortable measure so that you can comfortably use the toilet.

The toilet needs 1.2 GPF (gallon per flush). Moreover, the toilet can save water by around 30%. So many users love this equipment because of its water-saving function. There are couples of quality features you will get from this component.

The bowl of this unit is automatically clean, so you never need to do it manually. The automatic cleaner cleans its hard water, stain, mold, mildew, particles, bacteria, and other harmful elements. So, you will safely use this toilet.

Most importantly, the toilet is used high-quality materials which are durable to use. On the other hand, the toilet is easy to install, and that’s why you never need to hire a plumber to install the product.

Finally, if you want to choose the best one-piece toilet for under $1000, you will consider this component. No one doubt about the Kohler toilet because of the best performance. So, you will consider this toilet for your sweet bathroom without any hesitation.

  • The used powerful flushing system

  • Comes with Aquapiston technology

  • Comfortable height and shape

  • Suitable for small, medium, and large space

  • Very comfortable to use

  • Hassle-free to operate

  • A little bit expensive

6. Saniflo 023 (best Toilets for Maximum Comfort)

Saniflo 023 best Toilets for Maximum Comfort 

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Are you searching for the best electric toilet flush system? Surely, you will use this compact or tiny toilet for your bathroom. This toilet does not need any bowl of water to flush and operate. So, you don’t need to use any water or a bowl.

Saniflo 023 is a small-sized toilet and suitable for a tiny house, which means the toilet is not suitable for a standard-sized toilet. Whatever it is a floor installation type toilet, you don’t need to hunk to install the toilet or any tools.

The toilet comes with a gravity flush system and elongated shape, which provides you maximum comfort and a hassle-free flushing method. On the other hand, it needs 1.6 gallons of water per flush, less than many other toilets.

It is vertically pumping up to 9-feet and 10-feet horizontally. This toilet also comes with some disadvantages, such as the installation process. You must hire a plumber to install the toilet perfectly.

The valve of this toilet releases water out of its bowl, and the drain may be gunky, which sometimes occur issues. Customers also complain about this matter. But the problem is not much big enough so if you want, you will avoid the issue.

  • Used powerful electric pressure washer

  • Simple and compact design

  • Easy to operate it

  • Used comfortable seat

  • No separate tank 

  • Provide lifetime support

  • It is not much easy to install

7. American Standard 2034.314.020 A Royal Flush of Features

American Standard 2034.314.020 A Royal Flush of Features 

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American Standard always a reliable brand, of course, for its quality service. It is a one-piece toilet that comes with a soft, comfortable, and standard 16-inch height—the height of the toilet and comfortable seat also suitable for disabled and heavy persons.

The toilet is used best the toilet flush system (siphon jet flushing system), which saves your water up to 20%. Moreover, the toilet needs 1.6 gallons of water per flush, which is an average flush system.

The most interesting part is the EveerCLean technology. The EverCLean coating protects the bows from any kind of damages, which is mainly caused by hard water, stain, and soft water. It is a water softener for the toilet that means you never need to apply any extra things.

This toilet is used a soft closed seat cover, which provides you maximum comfort. When you close or open the toilet seat, it never produces any kind of sound. Overall, this toilet is a quiet and stable toilet which is suitable for all ages of people.

Around all of the users think that it is a clog-free toilet that provides you clog-free flushing facility. It is one of the best investments for a basic toilet. So, without any hesitation or complicated to think, you will apply this toilet for your bathroom.

  • Used EverClean coating protects the system

  • Comes with siphon jet flushing system

  • It is a noise-free toilet

  • Used soft close toilet seat cover

  • Clog-free flush system

  • Low water consumption

  • It is not much stylish toilet

8. WoodBridge T-0001 (Eco-Friendly)

WoodBridge T-0001 Eco-Friendly 

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If you are a lover of modern bathrooms, certainly this Woodbridge toilet is supper choice for you. It is a sleek and minimal design toilet. The toilet is used a clean line and a powerful flush button, which is located on the top of the bowl.

No way to put the stain, hard water, bacteria, mold, mildew, and bad smells. So, you and your family member become safe when they are using this toilet. The toilet is also durable because of its durable materials and advanced technology.

This toilet comes with a hassle-free installation process that means you will achieve all of the packages included tools, accessories, and others to install the model. You should hire a plumber to install the toilet.

However, its soft toilet seat provides maximum comfort. The seat never stains and breaks down. The weight capacity of this toilet seat is 450-pounds, which is enough for a weighty person. So, you should not worry about the product warranty.

The toilet needs 1 or 1.6 per flush. The equipment is used as a strong sensor, which manually provides your flush water saving process. It is a dual siphon flush system toilet, so you can comfortably flush the toilet without any hassles.

  • Quiet flush and close the toilet

  • Of course, eco-friendly

  • Easy to clean the device

  • Fight against hard water

  • Most popular and comfortable

  • Used rectangle button for flush

  • Maybe it is not much better for older bathroom

9. Toto MS920CEMFG#01 (High-Pressure Flush Toilet)

Toto MS920CEMFG#01 High-Pressure Flush Toilet 

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Operated with a remote control system that provides you a digital feeling. It is a washlet bidet toilet that comes with dual flush technology. With its dual flush option, the toilet is used high power Tornado flush technology to get the best flush service.

With its remote, you will control the temperature. The toilet seat comes with a heated facility, which means you will increase and decrease the heat of this toilet. So, you should not worry about toilet temperature.

On the other hand, its glaze and PreMist function help this toilet easily prevent the harmful element. The toilet can prevent hard water, yellow color, stain, allergies, mole, mildew, particles, and lots.

No doubt it is a luxury toilet. The auto open and close lid with a heated seat allows you to close and open the seat with maximum comfort safely.

Overall, you will trust this component than others because of its safety measure. The device comes with ADA compliant and CAL green compliant both are trusted. There is a couple of organizations already tested this unit and come with positive results.

  • Used dual flush with Tornado technology

  • The seat is comfy and heated

  • Hassle-free the installation method

  • ADA and CAL green compliant

  • Automatic open and close seat

  • Easy to control via remote

  • It is an expensive toilet

10. 20-inch Extra Tall Toilet (Best Dual Flush Toilet)

20 inch Extra Tall Toilet 

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Let’s welcome the final one. This toilet comes with dual flush technology that means you will get extra water when you need to flush. It is a 20-inch extra tall toilet which is especially suitable for tall people.

You will discover extra safety features. However, the toilet helps you to easily up and down the seat without any issues. On the other hand, it helps prevent falls. Overall, the toilet is also safe for kids who don’t know about safety features.

Its flush, durability, and comfortable height seat allows you to get high performance. The toilet provides comfort and safety and prevents hard water, mole, mildew, particles,  and another harmful element.

Now let’s talk about its installation process. However, the toilet comes with an easy installation process. According to toilet reviews by plumbers, the toilet needs 20 to 30 minutes for perfectly installed. But if you a new person it may need 40 to 60 minutes.

Overall, this toilet style also increases your bathroom beauty. So, what do you want else? You will get everything like comfort, hassle-free installation, durability, high performance, clean toilet, and lots.

  • Very stylish and comfort

  • Hassle-free to installation

  • Suitable for tall person

  • Used high safety measure

  • Comes with high flush facility

  • Easy to install any sizes of bathroom

  • Remove the seat is not easy

To clean your toilet watch this video


Read This Before You Buy a Toilet (Toilet Buying Guide)

Now, let’s talk about the buying guide. You may already think that you will get the toilet, but you should consider some important section which allows you to get the best toilet with the perfect value of your money. So, without talking more, let’s check out the buying guide section.

Toilet Height

Height is an important factor when you consider the toilet for your family. However, the standard height of a toilet is 15 to 17 inches. You will also consider a 17 to 19-inch toilet for a perfect height toilet.

But if you think that you need an extra height toilet, you will get a 20-inch height toilet or higher. Actually, toilet height varies from person to person. You will also consider the toilet adjustable height, which is a wise thought.

Flush System

The toilet flush is an important factor to keep the toilet clean from stains or hard water. The single and dual flush systems are both much better for any kind of toilet. But if you think that you need quite more flushing water, surely you will choose a dual flush toilet.

According to my experience, a single flush toilet is more work than a dual flush toilet. Single flush toilet tankless water, and pressure powerfully. On the other hand, a single flush toilet needs 1 to 1.6 GPF (gallon per flush), but a dual flush toilet takes some more water to flush.


You may know that to install a toilet perfectly you need to hire a plumber. Plumber cost depends on the toilet how easy to install the toilet. You should choose a toilet which is easy to install and take less cost of a plumber.

According to a USA plumber, the cost of installing a toilet is $80 to 100$. So, if you choose a hassle enough toilet for installation, it may cost more, which really sucks for you. I hope that you will understand whatever I say to you about this section.

Types of Toilet (5-Different Toilets)

According to my experience, I found 5 different types of toilets that can prevent hard water and provide some extra benefits. It may help you check out the 5 toilets and take an idea of which is the best toilet for you. So, let’s check out the list below.

1. Portable Toilet:

This is one of the most popular toilets and helps to support emergency times when you are outside the home. The portable toilet helps you carry with you when you think about camping, traveling, hiking, or fishing.

Portable toilet waste disposal maximum time burns or used polythene to through the outside. If you are thinking of visiting outside of the home, I think you will choose the portable toilet for emergency backup.

2. Compositing Toilet:

If you live in a tiny space or water problems, surely the composting toilet is one of the best toilets for you. You will also call the toilet a waterless toilet. These types of toilets burn waste and are made for agriculture.

So, if you suffer from freshwater, you will choose this type of toilet comfortably. But it is not suitable for a large family or a large house.

3. Gravity-Feed Toilets:

This type of toilet carries the wast and water downward and the bowl. All of the waste come to the bowl, and the bowl sends the waste to drain via the pipe. All are working with the pressure of water. The method is working fine, but sometimes it fails to clean the bowl and toilet perfectly.

4. Pressure-Assisted Toilet:

This toilet makes noise when you flush the toilet. But the toilet is not much noisier. However, it is also called 25 pounds of a water toilet flush, which cleans the bowl and toilet via the pipe. Around the same way, clean the toilet like a gravity toilet.

5. Smart Toilet:

It is one of the most popular and expensive toilets. You will discover a remote, heated system with a smart toilet and lots of benefits that provide you unique feeling. The smart toilet is so different from other toilets because you can not find many advanced features from the hard water-free toilet.

How to Remove Hard Water Stains in a Toilet

There are some actionable methods I found when I research this topic. If you think that your toilet already has hard water or stain, this section is surely one of the most important parts for you. You will also know from here the cause and cons of hard water and stain.

Why the hard water stains on your toilet?

Hard water is caused because of calcium, sodium, and minerals. This element comes on your toilet, and it becomes yellow and stains. The element is harmful to your health condition and looks ugly. Overall, it causes your health condition and de-motivated to use the toilet.

You will easily clean your toilet using a cost-efficient method, which helps you hassle-free clean the toilet. So, check out the below steps and clean your toilet.

Using Baking Soda and Vinegar

I use this method, and working fine for me. I think this actionable method also works for your toilet. So, let’s check out the step-by-step process to clean your toilet using vinegar and baking soda without delay.

  • Step 1: First of all, you need to flush your toilet (at least two times), and then use the balance of vinegar in your toilet bowl.
  • Step 2: Now mix the vinegar with the brush and keep the bowl with the vinegar (around 30 minutes).
  • Step 3: Now use 1 cup baking soda and also 1 cup vinegar. After that, brush properly like you regularly do.
  • Step 4: Use the brush repeatedly, hardly one the hard water, stain, and yellow section.
  • Step 5: Now, you also need to keep the toilet bowl for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Step 6: After that, you will flush your toilet and now enjoy the healthy, crystal, and clear toilet.

I think the method you easily apply for your toilet to maintain properly. It is an actionable method which I find of my toilet. So, without delay, apply the method right now.

FAQs (Frequently Ask and Questions)

Q: What do you put in the toilet for hard water?

A: If you want to prevent the hard water, you need to put some chemicals on your toilet. You will use vinegar, baking soda, and others. If you want to clean perfectly check out the upper cleaning method to get the best performance.

Q: What is the most powerful flushing toilet?

A: The quick answer is Toto, Kohler, Woodbridge, American Standard, now the top-rated toilet on the market. These types of toilets lead the market because of the best service with the best features. Note, these types of toilets may be costly.

Q: What toilet is best for not clogging?

A: When the toilet does not come with calcium, hard water, stain, and other harmful element, that means the toilet is free from the clog. However, check out the upper model, which comes with stain, hard water-free that provides you a clog-free toilet.

Q: Can hard water ruin the toilet?

A: Not firstly, but it destroys your toilet beauty and lots. Sometimes it produces a bad smell and hard enough to clean. This why you need to consider the toilet, which is free from hard water or regularly clean the toilet.

Final Verdict

When you think about the best toilet for hard water that avoids hard water on the market, you must need to consider quality features. A toilet is an expensive product and makes some money for the installation. So, you also need to consider the warranty. I hope that you already clear your confusion about the hard water of the toilet.

If you think that you already purchase the toilet but suffer from hard water, you will check out the upper mode’s cleaning process. 

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