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How Long is an Elongated toiletThe toilet is a vital part of any bathroom architecture. And considering the size of your washroom, requirements, and design, you have several options to choose from. The essential one out of them is the shape of the toilet bowl. Toilet bowls are available in two categories. These are elongated or round bowls.

Both these toilet bowls operate in the same way. But their sizes are different from each other. So, their fittings within the washroom won’t be the same.

People prefer to use elongated toilet bowls these days. In this article, we will explain the length of elongated toilets. Moreover, we will discuss and many other aspects regarding it.

Length of an elongated toilet

The Elongated bowls come with a lengthier length. These toilets usually measure ranging from 18 to 19 inches in length. Both the round and elongated toilet bowls usually are 14 to 14.5 inches approximately in width.

Usually, people construct these elongated toilets 25 to 28 inches apart from the divider. And for this reason, less tiles-covering is required while installing elongated toilets.

It is essential to choose the right kind of toilet bowl for your washroom. Because you need to design your washroom considering the type of toilet bowls, let us know about elongated toilets’ appearance.

How do the elongated toilets look?

The shape of the toilet bowl doesn’t affect the stylish partitions within the toilet. An elongated toilet bowl usually has got an oval shape. These toilet bowls are extending 3-4 inches more within the front part of the room. As you construct the bathrooms in a more significant proportion, the elongated toilets become more viable in the design. This feature makes the toilets more contemporary within the construction.

The comfortability in usage 

People use both toilets in the same way. However, we know that with large surface areas, comfortability also gets enhanced. And with a good sitting space and leg rest, the elongated toilets provide good comfort and peace to their users. And it is easy to use for men, women, children, and people of all ages.

So, thinking of comfortability, elongated toilets are a good option.

Space for construction

The actual dimensions of a toilet bowl are in the hands of the manufacturer. In standard conditions, an elongated toilet bowl will be roughly 3-inches lengthier than a circular one in the front part. Some of the manufacturers also construct an extra toilet bowl whose dimension is in between that of two types.

A toilet bowl usually requires almost 22-inches in the fronter part of it. It is for abiding by the majority of the construction codes. Some of the towns and areas will require more space, such as ADA-compatible bathrooms require 50-inches space in the front.

For smaller washrooms, the 3-inch savings from a circular-front toilet bowl can imply passing the construction codes. Therefore, most of the smaller washrooms make improvised usage of elongated bowls.

Let us no learn about the installation of elongated toilets.

How can you install an elongated toilet bowl?

Both the circular and elongated toilets are installed following the same procedures. If the toilet bowl comes with a separate vessel and bowl, you must fix them together.

Now, set a ring of wax around a waste tube. By doing this, you will lift the toilet in an inclined position. After fixing it into a particular position, you need to exert pressure around all the body’s sides. Now, hook the bolts into perfection for proper fitting.

Elongated toilets can be heavy and rigid for carrying and moving. So, you also need to arrange proper lifting and installation for elongated toilets.

The advantages of using an elongated toilet

Across the globe, people are using elongated toilets quite extensively. This type of toilet has got smooth surfacing. This kind of surfacing will keep the toilet cleaner for a long time. Let us talk about flashing now. It has got a mighty flushing operation. But the flashing operation is not very noisy.

Moreover, the most crucial feature which comes with this toilet is eco-friendly flushing. This helps to use less water than the other toilets.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Can an elongated toilet replace a round toilet?

While an elongated toilet seat will fit on a circular toilet, the fit and comfort will be compromised. If the toilet’s rim is evident within the toilet seat opening, an elongated toilet seat would possibly overhang a circular toilet.

  • What are the advantages of having an elongated toilet?

Some brands’ elongated toilets have got fewer crevices across the underside of the vessel. This feature makes it easier in cleaning with a brush. The longer form also makes it easier to see into the bowl’s front interior. This also can make it easier to keep clean.

  • Is it possible to install a circular toilet seat on an elongated toilet?

Although around toilet seat may be installed on an elongated toilet, it is not recommended. A circular toilet seat would not completely cover the toilet bowl’s surface. Moreover, it will leave the rim exposed.

  • What is the difference between a round and an elongated toilet seat?

From the center of the mounting holes to the front outside edge of the toilet bowl, you need to measure the toilet’s width. You have a circular toilet if the measurement is less than 17 inches. You have an elongated toilet, whether it is 17.5 inches or longer.

  • How do you take measurements for a new toilet?

Measure the distance between the back of the toilet and the middle of one of the closet bolts. Take measurements to the middle of one of the back closet bolts if the toilet has four bolts. Then measure the mounting holes’ middle to the back of the new toilet.


We can always get confused while choosing the right kind of toilet for our washroom. These days, the elongated toilets are very efficient and eco-friendly. We have given you a detailed insight into elongated toilets in this article. We hope you have been helped by our article while learning about elongated toilets.

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