What Happens If You Push Both Buttons on a Dual Flush Toilet in 2022

what happens if you push both buttons on a dual flush toiletWhen I research single Vs dual flush toilets, I research a lot on this topic. The majority of users press the small button to save the water and some someone double to get the best service. It is a wonder to know what happens when you press both buttons single and double on your toilet flush?

Provide you the best answer, I found that pressing both buttons provides you more water than double or single flush. Generally, both button press is needed for heavy-duty waste. But you should remember that you never save the water to press both buttons at the same time. Is anything else?

In-depth research and information, I will share with you the right method to push the button. You may also have a question on your mind that which button you should press single, double,  or both to save water and powerful flush? Let’s discuss this in detail.

What Happens If You Push Both Buttons on a Dual Flush Toilet

In this section, you will know in detail what actually happens when you press the single, dual, and both flush. So, let’s talk about this matter without wasting our time.

Single Flush Toilet

You may notice that your toilet flush has two buttons small and large size. The large size button is for a single flush. When you need a small amount of water, you should press the single flush button to save the water. You will also press the single flush button when the waste is a little amount.

Note, a single flush may not suitable for disabled persons, weighty people, and some other sections. So, when you apply the single flush button, it may not work perfectly. In this situation, you can press a double flush button or single and double flush both; otherwise it does not work perfectly.

Dual Flush Toilet

According to my experience, a dual flush option is also capable to full-fill both flush option. When you need extra water and large waste, you will use a dual flush option. Generally, a dual flush toilet is powerful than a single flush option.

The dual flush toilet also works for your both single and dual flush system that means when you need to press both flushes, you will do your flush just press the dual flush option. I hope that you will understand whatever I say to you.

Push Both Button Flush

According to users’ experience and my experience, when you press the both button single and dual flush at the same time, the toilet flush provides the bowl extra pressure and takes much water to flush. Both press button flush option takes extra water to do the job.

It is never harmful to your toilet. So, if you think that you need to save, then you will avoid pressing both buttons. I hope that you will understand what happens when you press both buttons at the same time.

FAQs (Frequently Ask and Questions)

Q: Which button to press on dual flush toilet?

A: You will discover two-button when you install a dual flush toilet. You may also notice that the toilet has a small and large button for a flush. The small button is suitable for single flush and the large button is suitable for dual flush option.

Q: Are dual flush toilets any good?

A: Dual flush toilet is not only suitable for your environment but also suitable for your wallet. A dual flush toilet saves your water and cleans the large waste. When you want to prevent large waste, you may need to several times flush. But the dual flush option has done your job just 1-time press.

Q: What is the dual flush valve?

A: A dual flush valve is a valve that provides both a half and full flush system. Some of the dual flush valves operated by a handle and some others operated by a button.

Final Verdict

Press the both button single and dual flush is taking some extra water and helps the flush become more powerful. It also takes a lot of water and increases the water bill. But both press flush does not hamper your toilet and still provides fast and effective flush service.

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